Top 5 products of 2017

New year, new us but we’re still in love with some old products that we used in 2017.

– Glow Tonic To Go
Working? Traveling? Always on the Go? Pixi has the perfect solution to tone, brighten & hydrate your skin with these pre saturated/soaked pads. The package is super travel friendly so you don’t have to carry a separate bottle of tonic and cotton balls along! Click HERE to buy. Price: 3 – 4k

– Eveline Cosmetics White Prestide 4D Day Cream
We know the word ‘white’ would attract half of you and trigger the rest of you, but this cream is not like your regular whitening cream, its actually a brightening cream which helps your dull skin regain its complexion and smoothness. Its best for getting rid of dark spots & has a very light non greasy texture. Click HERE to buy this for 1050

– Beautify By Amnas 24K Gold & Roses Serum
Hands down the best product to use before doing your makeup as it hydrates your skin and leaves your skin glowing with a natural radiant! It absorbs super fast & doesn’t leave a greasy texture on your skin. You can also use it on days you don’t do your makeup as it’ll work as a moisturizer & a natural highlighter! (All Skin Types) Click HERE to buy this for 2100

– Cetaphil
Been obsessed with this one ever since the Makeup Guru NikkieTutorial shared it on her social media pages, by far the most hydrating lotion everrrrr! Even the tiniest drop does wonders, perfect for winters! (Dry Skin)

– Eveline BB Blemish Base Cream
Don’t feel like wearing foundation? Go for the Mattifying BB cream without worrying about your skin as it already has SPF-15 to protect against UVA/UVB. Tested and worn it for more than 6 hours and it didn’t dry up on the skin or wear off. (Oily – Combination Skin) Click HERE to buy this product for 545

These were our favorite products of 2017, we hope this article was helpful for you. Comment below with your favorite product from 2017!




An evening with Bioderma

Hi, guys

As you all know that we attended the Bioderma product launch in Islamabad recently, we decided to share some highlights of the event with you and introduce the product to you like it was introduced to us.

The event was basically a hi-tea at Tuscany courtyard which started with the brief introduction of the company and their theory behind the brand. They gave us informative insights on how the products are made and how good they’re for your skin.  The product of the day was the water based makeup remover; sensibioH2O.


We were taught the right way to remove makeup through a detailed and we must say a very informative video which helped us in understanding the product and making the best use of it. If you follow the steps in the video you’ll be able to remove your makeup without leaving any trace of it!


Later we were given to test the product then and there and were told to give reviews, it was a funny moment because we all thought that we’d have to remove our makeup but thank God for the lipsticks we always carry in our bags and our ever ready canvas ( back of the hand) on which we test them.
The event winded up after the Hi-tea, a very delicious and scrumptious hi-tea and a little lucky draw that took place for the bloggers present at the event. The prize was a bag of products from Bioderma it self and was won by Khadija, a fellow blogger and good friend.

We’ve tested a couple of products from Bioderma as they were given to us in a form of a goody bag and our favorite one till date is the water based makeup remover. It’s a lifesaverrrr  for lazy or to put it in good words busy girls likes us 😉 No need of getting up and washing your face guys when you’re super tired, you can take your makeup off in a jiffy with this miracle product!  Here’s a picture of all of us Islamabad Bloggers at the event 😀

Hope you guys liked this post!

How to deal with Acne!

Acne, something that we all wish we never have, something that no girl wants to have but at some point in our life, we have.

Background to my acne story

Just about 6 months ago i started my battle with Acne, the triggering moment of my acne was my very first Facial, i had ever gotten a Facial done before, which is why my skin reacted in a negative manner. The Facial was carried out in a very professional way, but my skin didn’t take it too well, after my treatment was done, my skin became very sensitive than usual.

The time i got my Facial done, i had to attend weddings & events back to back, which means getting in contact with heavy makeup. I was wearing makeup every single day for good 2 – 3 weeks, the next triggering moment was poor removal of makeup. It is so important to remove makeup off our face properly, the chemicals from those products if left on the skin for too long can clog our pores & cause bacteria on the skin, and that is the last thing we ever want.

These two points have been the main cause of my Acne, Facial & Poor removal of makeup.

How i took care of my skin?

1 – Visit a good dermatologist or doctor

This was the very first step i took when my break outs became serious, i took a visit to my Doctor and explained the issue i was facing. I was then prescribed ‘Contraception pills’, shocking i know! My first reaction was ‘i’m not married doctor’, i was then told that Contraception pills are sometimes given to young girls to control their hormonal system, the change in our hormones can cause our skin to break out for example ‘Teenage acne’. I then started to take those pills, but it didn’t make any difference to my skin. I went back to my doctor who then referred me to a dermatologist in London, my skin was then checked and i was given a gel called ‘DUAC DAILY GEL’

Duac gel was given to me to put over my pimples every night before going to bed, i used this gel for good 3 months to actually see the results, this gel at the beginning was quite irritating on my skin, but i was later told that i was applying it wrong. This gel is quite strong, which is why it should only be applied to the pimples.

2 – Find the right skincare products

This step has been one of my life changing step, after using numerous amount of different skin care item, i was able to find few of the most amazing skin care products that has totally changed my skin game.

Cleanser/Facial wash

These are three cleanser/facial wash i have used through my acne phase, i will start with my most used/favorite out of the three.
WhatsApp-Image-20160623 (5)

  • Kiehl’s ultra facial cleanser – This Face wash has become my everyday facial cleanser, i use this day & night to cleanse & remove makeup. This does an amazing job of removing your makeup including eye makeup, it cleanses the skin without leaving your skin feeling too dry or tight. This is a fragrance free product which is amazing if you have sensitive & acne prone skin, the gentle formula is very comforting to the skin, a little product goes a long way. You only need a pee sized amount to wash the entire face.
    WhatsApp-Image-20160623 (3)


  • No 7 melting gel cleanser – I have recently started using this cleanser to remove my makeup, this is a very interesting type of cleanser, it comes out as a gel, turns into an oil when applied to the skin and then turns into a milky texture which really fascinates me on how it does that. This is not foamy at all, feels like cleaning your face with oily liquid, but it does the job of cleansing the skin beautifully. This is for normal to dry skin users, it would not work on oily skin.
    WhatsApp-Image-20160623 (2)
  • Olay refreshing facial cleanser gel –  I have been using this facial wash for years, even well before my skin broke out, this is an amazing facial wash which removes all the dirt & makeup off your face. This is the most foaming cleanser out of the three mentioned above, however, this did start to break me out when my acne became extreme, hence why i stopped using this. The reason i’m mentioning this is because this will be an amazing cleanser if you don’t have acne prone skin.


  • Pixi glow tonic – This has become my holy grail skincare product, this toner has completely changed how my skin looks, it has really brightened & toned my skin as well as helped me to take control of my acne & breakouts. This is all because of the active ingredients in this product, glycolic acid is an amazing ingredient which should be Incorporated into our skincare as it helps with lightening discoloration of the skin, and exfoliate the skin to remove dead skin cell, revealing new brighter looking skin complexion. Highly recommend all ladies to try this product, you’ll thank me later. I use this day and night after cleansing my skin with my facial wash, this is one of my most crucial step in my skincare routine.

WhatsApp-Image-20160623 (1)

  • Kiehl’s ultra facial cream – I have been using this cream for nearly a year now and still can’t get over the fact of how amazing it is. This is a perfect dose of hydration for all normal to dry skin toned ladies, this cream softens the skin without making the face look greasy or tanned looking. If any of you suffer from dry patches, this cream is amazing for getting rid of them (but don’t forget to exfoliate you skin as well). I use this cream at day time only after toning my face to complete the whole skincare routine.

WhatsApp-Image-20160623 (4)

  • Kiehl’s midnight recovery oil – I just can’t say enough about this product to be honest, this oil has been a blessing to my dry acne prone skin, i use this every night before going to bed after toning my face with pixi tonic (mentioned above), i don’t know what this oil has but it transforms my skin into baby soft texture when i wake up in the morning. It makes my skin even as well as helping me tackle pimples, it soothes and hydrates the skin, giving you a perfect base to start your makeup on.

These have been my daily and most used products that have made my skin clear and healthier looking to what it previously was.

3 – Be confident

I know having pimples on your skin sucks, no body likes any form of imperfection on their face, but you should never forget to accept that you are beautiful no matter what. ALLAH has made us all equally beautiful and perfect, trust your self and bring out your inner beauty because it’s worth it :’)

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Duvi Stockholm Products

Hey, guys!

I hope you like the new layout of the website, we all love a little change, don’t we? Talking about change, I just changed my skin care products last month and my skin has never felt better.

I never review skin care products until I’ve used them and I’m sure about my opinion on them therefore it took me more than a month to review these Duvi Stockholm products.


I’ll start with my favorite product out of these two and that has to be the Green Tea Facewash!

Duvi Green Tea Face Wash – Rs 1150/-


I’ve had some horrible experiences with face washes and I was quite near to believing that face washes and I would never get along until I came across this Duvi Green Tea Face Wash. It’s for all skin types and includes Aloe Vera extracts, it LITERALLY removes all the dirt, MAKEUP and impurities from your face without drying your skin. It actually does reduce the severity of breakouts, trust me on this one, my skin hasn’t gone all wild ever since I’ve been using this little white 150 ml bottle which is enriched with natural ingredients.

Duvi Vitamin Toner – Rs 1300/-

The Duvi Vitamin Toner removes all the left over makeup and impurities from your face that your face wash fails to remove and returns your skins bright complexion that is hidden behind all the dirt, tiredness and impurities of your skin. The Vitamin Toner consists of Organic Apple extracts from French Provence,  Vitamin C,B1,B2,PP,B5,B6,B9, Provitamin A and Vitamin E. For better results a toner is always to be used after cleansing your skin, it is to be applied on a cotton pad and swept gently on the face and neck, make sure to avoid the areas around your eyes.

The soft towel with the products I received was like a cherry on top and the results of the products were so impressive that I ended up ordering their White Daisy Skin Brightening Cream and I’m loving it.

You can order Duvi’s products from or their website & you can follow them on Instagram.

Pure & Organic Skin Care Products!

Hi, my angels!

As you can all see I’m all about skincare these days and it’s all because I’m finally realizing the importance of clear skin. Guys, I can’t emphasis enough on the importance of skincare, flawless looking skin is actually the root to looking fresh whether it’s with or without makeup so without wasting more of your time I’ll just skip to these Dr. Kureshi products that I can’t help myself from using these days!


I know we all hesitate while using local skincare product specially when they aren’t that we’ll known, I know I do and that is why basically I didn’t touch these products for like 2 days thinking I’d ruin my skin but I was completely shocked when I tried these products.
I’ll be honest and only review about the 3 products I’ve used and they’re the luxurious face oil, Intensive hair oil & the ultimate cleansing toner.


These products are for all skin and hair types and are also 100% pure and Organic.
I’ll start from my favorite product which is the Luxurious Face oil.

Luxurious Face Oil – Rs 1499/-

It comes in a 30ml dropper bottle which makes the appliance easy and less messy. It’s a mixture of eleven essential oils including almond, jasmine and anti ageing argon. The purpose of the oil is to hydrate and moisturize your skin without leaving any greasy residue on your face. I know, I know thinking about oil and non greasy-ness kind of doesn’t go along but that is what I LOVE about this oil, it actually doesn’t feel greasy or sticky when you apply it which is like a plus point in these summers. Take two to three drops of the oil and massage it onto your skin and let it stay and do its magic over night. You’ll definitely feel the difference in your skin after a couple of days, it’ll be much more soft, moisturized and hydrated.

Intensive Hair Oil – Rs 1399/-


The intensive hair oil comes in a 100ml spray bottle and the SPRAY bottle once again makes the appliance super easy and less messy. It’s the perfect solution for damaged hair as it brings the moisture back in your hair and helps with removing dandruff. Apply a little amount of it on your hair for about an hour before you take a bath and rinse with lukewarm water. Also, don’t worry, even this oil is non greasy!

Ultimate Cleansing Toner – Rs 500/-


The ultimate cleansing toner comes in a 120 ml spray bottle and it helps in cleansing and toning your skin and brings back it’s radiance. You can apply it after you’ve washed or cleansed your face with the help of a cotton pad and as all other toners it’ll help you take off the last bit of dirt and makeup from your skin and bring back your skins radiance and natural beauty.

I’ll be reviewing the rest of the products real soon so keep checking guys!

Keeping all of these products aside the most important thing for your skin is water, drink as much water as you can specially when you wake up and you’ll feel the difference in your skin yourself.

Also let me know if you want me to share my entire skin care routine with you guys, you can either comment below or on our latest Instagram post.

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Skin Care Routine

Hi, my lovelies!

Quite a lot of you have been asking me to share my skin care routine, so today I’ll tell you how I take care of my skin! Don’t let all the products in the picture scare you, I don’t use them all in one day, lol.

Before I start I would like to mention how my skin isn’t too oily or too dry, its a combination of both and I don’t get a lot of acne or breakout so the products I’ll be mentioning below are those which suit my skin the best.

I’ll begin with the face wash;12642639_10153871377975350_4342020802238700099_n
I’m currently using The Body Shop’s Pomegranate Softening Face Wash as it removes my makeup pretty easily and leaves my skin feeling baby soft. I keep on changing my face wash a lot so I can’t say that is my very favorite one or the one that I’ve been using for months because I’m yet to find that ultimate favorite one!

Facial Skin Polish;
I’ve been using this Hollywood styles Facial Skin Polish for months and I absolutely love it, I use it twice or thrice a week. I use it every time I think my face is looking dull or tan or when it needs a little care. It removes dead skin from your face and eliminates dark spots.

Detoxifying Facial Clay Mask
I use this Avocado and Green Tea mask twice or thrice a month, it helps in minimizing and detoxifying the pores. It also leaves your skin looking fresh and is to be used after cleansing your skin for better results.

The Body Shops Camomile Cleansing butter;12565494_10153871378345350_1948102196253121252_n
This cleansing butter is my go to for when I can’t get makeup off my face, it gently removes makeup and all the dirt from your face and leaves your skin feeling clean and pampered.

Soft Touch Double Action Cleanser:
Soft Touch Double Action cleanser has been passed on to me by my mom and I absolutely love it, It’s a little time consuming to massage it on your wet face until it dries and whisks away the dirt from your face but its worth the time and energy.I use it on a pamper night once or twice a month!

Revive Pomegrante face oil
I’ve already talked about this product so I’ll just share the link of my previous post Here.

Conatural  Saffron Complexion Builder;

You can read about this product here.

Soft Touch Moisturizing Scrub Cream
One of my favorite scrubs as it unclogs pores, removes black heads and exfoliates your skin. It actually does help in brightening your skin by whisking away the dull and dead surface from your face. I use this one for my hands and feet aswell!

Sephora Lotus Mask
Sephora’s Lotus Mask hydrates your skin and reduces the sign of fatigue and tiredness from your face. I use it once a month and It leaves my skin feeling moisturized and fresh.

Facial Cleanser
I ordered this Facial Cleanser from Fashion City and it comes with 5 interchangeable heads that can be used in your daily skin care routine.
1- The brush head can be used while you wash your face with a face wash as it will thoroughly clean your skin and it will improve the blood circulation of your face.
2- The two foam heads can be used for applying your foundation evenly and scrubing your face as one of them is soft and the other is hard.
3- The rough pink head can be used to whisk away the dead skin from your face.
4 – The roll on can be used to massage oil or massaging creams on your skin/face.

I hope I’m able to help you guys with this! 🙂 x

Aura Revive Pomegranate Face Oil

Aura crafts sent me their ‘Revive Pomegranate Face Oil’ about 2 weeks ago and ever since then I’ve been using it and I must say that you should all try it out as it is a must have for your skin this winter season.
It comes in a 30ml dropper bottle which makes it pretty easy to apply without wasting any oil or creating a mess out it.

It is a mixture of Pomegranate and Apricot Oil which play a huge role in reviving your skins condition and moisturizing it.

I massage 3-4 drops of it on my face every night before going to sleep and I’ve definitely felt my skin being more hydrated than it was before, it has also lead to a reduction in fine lines on my face. It is a non sticky lightweight oil which makes it even more better!

I would totally recommend you guys to try this oil out specially if you’re looking for a natural cure for your ageing skin.
You can contact Aura Crafts on their page or on their Instagram Account