Mascara Galore!

For us Mascara is the most BASIC & IMPORTANT part of creating any makeup look, wether its a full on drag queen makeup or just your everyday no makeup look. A mascara is the one thing that can make or break the whole look.

It doesn’t only make your eyes look more awake and wide but also changes your entire look with just one application but it all depends on the which mascara you use. So, here are a few of our fav mascaras which might help you pick the one that best suits your needs.
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Starting with our personal fav one Super Model Mascara from Sivanna. It is a dual side mascara with a fibre and a mascara side. First you coat your lashes with mascara and then apply the fibre and then again seal the fibre with the mascara. Why I LOVE this mascara is because it makes your lashes thinker longer and DARKER than any regular mascara. The curved mascara wand beautifully grabs all the lashes in one go. So, for us it is the Best one out of these but if you are someone who does not like clumpy (because it does clump a little) lashes then this bad boy is clearly not for you.
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  1. Fibre coat
  2. Makes eyelashes thicker longer and darker as compared to any other mascara
  3. Dual side
  4. Curved wand


  1. Makes lashes clumpy
  2. Not easily available in Pakistan
  3. Slight fall out
  4. Not waterproof

Better Than Sex by Too Faced is all the rage in the mascara world and we vouch for its excellence!  The credit for this mascara goes to its balled tip wand which makes it easier to cover the tiny lashes at the corners of both the end and the beginning of your lashes. It gives you fuller/darker lashes without them clumping or looking any extra, its the most natural looking mascara that cover almost all your lashes due to its well sorted wand. It is not waterproof but they have a waterproof version launched as well.


  1. Balled tip
  2. thickens lashes


  1. Not waterproof

The next mascara we are going to talk about is a very pocket friendly one. It is one of the best drug store mascara out there Volume Million Lashes by Loreal. It has a cone taper wand which separates your lashes and elongates them and makes sure the focus is on your lashes! The best part is that this one doesn’t clump, so its a win win situation!

WhatsApp Image 2017-07-06 at 5.43.30 PM


  1. Cone taper wand
  2. separates the eyelashes
  3. elongates them


1. Not as dark in color

Clinique’s chubby lash mascara works exactly the way its name suggests, its a fattening mascara that adds volume to your lashes by the help of its oversized volumizing brush. It is a buildable formula so you can go to any extent with it without it clumping your lashes.
WhatsApp Image 2017-07-07 at 5.41.13 PM

1. Lightweight
2. Builable
3. Volumizing

1. Not waterproof

Bad Gal lash by benefit is another volumizing big brush mascara but this one tends to get a little messy while applying, other than that its a good option for a matte black buildable mascara.

WhatsApp Image 2017-07-06 at 5.43.32 PM


  1. Buildable


  1. Gets messy

Let us know if you try one of these mascaras. Hope this post was helpful, do share your favorite mascara with us! Xx


Blonde no more

Like the trend we are also officially done with blonde hair (not quite, but almost)… if you’re interested in our black to blonde hair color then you can read all about it here.

Blonde hair tends to get a little too blonde/fried after a while and it had almost been 6 months since we last dyed our hair so a color transformation was quite necessary and it was all possible because of Faiza from Faiza Salon with minimum damage.

– Hira – Look 1 –
I’m all about straight hair with only a hint of color that doesn’t strike the eye or make every other person look at your hair and cringe. So, i decided to go for a straight long bob with blonde/brown contoured hair. Faiza is literally a hair expert as she went straight in with a trimmer to cut my hair and give me the satisfaction of the hair trimming trend, lol.

After the flawless cut, she went on with applying color to my hair (except for the roots, I tend to avoid coloring my roots) in a contouring technique; hair contouring is basically a coloring technique that uses a combination of free hand application and highlighting paired with the careful positioning of different tones and depths around the face to highlight and shadow targeted areas.

The color she used was 6.13 Loreal from the blonde studio & mixed it with Smart bond; a unique system that protects and strengthens the hair during technical services (such as bleach and hair color).

Here are some pictures to show you the process;




Contouring Technique


After color


A little touching


Final look


Final Look


Final Look (Phone)

I personally really like this color and the fresh cut, what do you guys think?

– Hemayal – Look 2

So as Hira has already mentioned that Faiza is a hair expert, I completely trusted her with my hair transformation and more importantly my hair cut. I wanted to get rid of all the rough edges, So she went on with giving a mid length cut with a little bit of layers to add some volume.

After going short I didn’t want a major color change so Faiza suggested a very subtle balayage ( which I wanted to get for a very long time)  ) so I said yes. It is the  most trending technique on social media  for highlighting hair in which the dye is painted on in such a way as to create a graduated, natural-looking effect.

The colors she used were 9.1/7.13 Loreal from their blonde studio range mixed with Smartbond to protect my hair from damage and strengthen them.

She completed the look by giving me voluminous beach waves!

Here are the pictures of the process and the final look.




After Haircut


After color


Final look

I was extremely happy with my new hair. I hope you guys like the look as much as I do.

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Hair Care Routine!

Hi, guys
A lot, like literally a lot of you have been asking us about our hair care products and trust me this post has been in the pipeline for a very long time so we apologize for the delay and hope that this post answers all of your questions!

I’d start from the type of hair we both have;

I, Hira, have straight hair naturally and my hair tends to get oily from the crown pretty quickly which means that i can’t skip washing my hair for more than a day and that’s how it should be for everyone as washing your hair daily is quite harmful if you keep in mind the amount of chemicals that are present in the shampoo and conditioners we use.

Hemayal on the other hand is blessed with curly hair and they’re more on the dry side.

We’ve been asked about the hair products we use quite a lot of times, so here are all the products we use;

Shampoo & Conditioner
We use the  L’oreal Professional Mythic Oil Shampoo & Masque, the entire mythic oil range nourishes your hair and makes it look more tamed & glossy.
The masque is pretty much to be treated as a conditioner and is to be applied on shampooed hair for about 2-3 minutes and rinsed for deeply nourished, super smooth and irresistibly silky hair. We bought both of these products from the Royli’s salon in Islamabad to be sure of their authenticity

Vatika Almond Hair Oil


Hemayal prefers using this oil before every wash as she has dry hair & according to her it leaves her hair more silky and that colored hair should not be washed without oiling them (yes, she lives by this mantra & scolds me every time I don’t oil my hair). You can clearly see how much she uses this by looking at the state of the almost empty bottle.

I, Hira, on the other hand prefer applying mayonnaise on my hair and as disgusting as it sounds it leaves your hair super silky and it also helps in hair growth so all those who can bear the smell should definitely give it a try. I leave the mayo  on for about 15-30 mins before taking a shower, don’t worry about the smell guys it goes away as soon as you wash your hair. (yes, im clearly more of a diy/desi totkay sort of a person)

L’Oreal Liss Unlimited


After washing our hair we apply this evening primrose oil that tends to tame your hair & makes it less frizzy (by less frizzy I mean not frizzy at all). I also tend to use it before styling my hair as it adds a shine in your hair & makes your hair easy to work with.

Mythic Oil

The last step to our hair care routine is to apply mythic oil, yes we apply the liss unlimited oil before we apply this one, we tend to work this one on the ends as they are always more dry compared to the roots. Applying this luxurious oil  on wet hair leaves your hair more nourished and adds a gorgeous sparkle to your hair!

We hope this answers all of your questions, these are all the products we use and you can clearly see that by the drained bottles. One last thing, yes we both often style our hair and here’s the link to the blog post we did on our hair color long ago as most of you can’t find it; Black to Blonde.

Do let us know what post would you like to see next? 🙂

Black to Blonde!

Hi guys!

Most of you who follow us on Instagram and Snapchat know that we recently got our hair dyed, in other words, our Mother finally allowed us to dye our hair, hehe. We both got our hair dyed by Nazish Bangash; L’oreal Educationist, at Royce by Sabeen Sajjad located in Bahria Phase 7.

I had virgin black hair and I wanted a little change so here’s what I went for;




In process

WhatsApp-Image-20160713 (1)
I went for a blonde color with a contouring technique by which the sides of my hair are lighter in shade compared to the center of my hair/head. ( The pictures are unedited). 717 & 811 Loreal are the exact shades.

Here’s a picture of my hair after a couple of washes ;

I, on the other hand already had color treated hair in the form of highlights but this time I wanted a completely different look so I opted for bronze blonde hair which Nazish & Sabeen decided to do in a sunkissed and balayage mixed technique

WhatsApp-Image-20160714 (1)


WhatsApp-Image-20160714 (2)

In process

WhatsApp-Image-20160714 (3)

Final Result.

The staff was extremely cooperative and well trained, thankyou for the look we wanted, Sabeen & Nazish!

Top 5 underrated drugstore Blushes

Blushers are a total MUST HAVE when it comes to makeup, since they’re the ones that sculpt and enhance your face, and make it younger looking!

Today, I’ll be sharing with you the blushes I use to give my face a healthier look!

1. L’oreal Paris True Match Blush;


L’oreal Paris True Match Blush is my absolute favorite. I was never a fan of shimmery blushes but this 165 Rosy Cheeks blush gives such a smooth and blended look to your face, it literally makes your cheeks glow with the perfect touch of pink! It comes with a little brush for better appliance and has a tad bit of a creamy texture to it.

I’ve never really smelled blushes but for some odd reason, I smelled this one and it smells like a delicious candy!

2. Essence Blush up!12745955_10153910313700350_7215156883869683110_n-1

This multi color blush is literally my go to blush when I need a combined mixture of a little bit of orange and a little bit of pink on my cheeks. It gives a pretty smooth and matte look which looks quite natural. I use it in the shade 10 Heat Wave, as I love how I can go from a natural to an intense look by just applying less or more of it!

3. Body Shops Lip & Cheek Dome

Body Shop’s Crazy for Coral lip & cheek dome is the ultimate dome for a completely natural look and the plus thing about this one is that you can match it with your lips as well! It’s in a creamy form and literally glides on your skin. You don’t even need a brush for this one; you can apply it directly by rotating it on the middle of your cheek and then sliding it to the highest point of your cheek bone.

4. Luscious Powder Blush

Another of my favorite blushes! I use the luscious powder blush in 027 Coral Glow when I need an intense look and it always seems to do the work. It enhances and defines your face and doesn’t even cost much!

5. DmGm’s Cheek Blush


I use the DmGm uminous touch cheek blusher in 02 Bronze Pink & 07 Coral Passion. The bronze pink has a more of a shimmery feel to it compared to the coral passion one, as it is a little on the matte side. However, both of the blushes will highlight your cheeks and will leave a natural, flushed look!

I believe all of these blushes go with different occasions and all work great! Try them out for yourself and feel free to write to me for questions!