3 Pair Of Heels That Go With Everything

They say ‘ You’re either in your bed or shoes, so it pays to invest in both ‘ but HOW MANY shoes should a girl REALLY invest in? While we figure that out we’ve cracked another mystery for you; heels that go with almost every dress/look.

Red, Nude, Black heels & a comfortable white pair of sneakers! YES, that’s all you need to ROCK any look. It’s the era of social media and pictures in general so let me show it to you guys in the form of some photos that I took from our instagram. We’re always repeating shoes and you should aswell, its TOTALLY acceptable, lol.

Red – Bring color to any outfit/look by pairing a kickass pair of Red heels/shoes.

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Nude – Compele any look with a pair of decent nude heels that compliment not only your outfit but your feet aswell!

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Black – Add class to your outfit/look with any black shoes/heels.

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These have been our go to heels/shoes for 2018, what are your go to colors for shoes? Any specific colors you buy your shoes in to play safe? Let us know in the comments!

Mother’s Day at Faiza’s Salon

You can never thank your Mother enough for what she has done for you but you  can always try taking care of her and we know that one day isn’t enough but if it makes her happy then why not?

This Mother’s Day we were invited to Faiza’s Salon to pamper our Mother along with a couple of other bloggers and their Mothers. We believe all Mothers deserve a good old massage after all the errands they run every day.

It was a fun evening spent gossiping and catching up with other bloggers while our mothers got the special treatment that they deserve.

The mothers got a complimentary facial, manicure and pedicure, which according to our mom was pretty relaxing and it was exactly what she needed on a day off from work.
The staff being super friendly and cooperative as always spoiled us with hot/cold beverages while the mothers got their services done.

We also got to meet the well known actress, Mariyam Nafees who showed up with her mother at the event,  she was just as beautiful and sweet as she is on television.

Here are a few glimpses of the day;


Sometimes you’re so busy in the moment that you forget to capture it and we believe that clearly describes this very event! How did you guys spend Mother’s Day?

Hair Care

Hi, guys!

You know what they say, ‘Invest in your hair, It is the Crown that you never take off’ so today we’ll be sharing some affordable hair tips/treatments that are totally worth it. Summers are all about flaunting your hair with your favorite lawn jora so incase you’ve booked and received your fav lawn jora but failed in achieving voluminous, healthy hair then read below;

– Bond Fusion ( Keune hair treatment)4442_0465c
Color your hair without losing strength with the unique protein fusion system that bonds, builds and boosts the inner hair structure and gives you upto 5 x long lasting conditioning  and 43% less breakage. Your hair not only feels nourished and silky after the first wash but it strengthens the bonds for the later effects and this treatment is highly recommended for bleached/color treated hair. ( Treatment is available on all outlets of Faiza’s Saloon & Sobia’s Saloon)

Vatika Almond Oil
Oiling your hair is very important if you have dry hair as it always keeps your hair nourished and silky, my favorite is the Vatika Almond oil and i’ve been using it for more than 2 years now. I massage it onto my hair before every hair wash and rinse my hair thoroughly so that no oil is left in my hair.

I’ve mentioned this one before and i’ll keep mentioning it because it is the best DIY/totka for smooth hair growth; apply mayo on your hair, I merely apply it on the ends of my hair as they tend to get more dry, leave it for 10-15 mins and rinse. I promise that the odor goes away after the wash leaving your hair super smooth and silky.

So Pure
So pure is another treatment from Keune Pakistan designed to combat hair and scalp concerns whilst at the same time allowing you to enjoy a little me-time with a truly sensorial experience – a rejuvenating head massage combined with aromatherapy.
The so pure treatment is an all organic product treatment that repairs your hair without leaving any side effects.

Skin Deep Powerful Hair Oil

Skin deep is a an online based brand that makes 100% organic skin and hair products and like wise they’re hair oil is also an organic hair oil which is a mix of 4 carrier oils, lavender and rosemary essential oil that softens your hair and helps in reducing dryness/dandruff.

Do let us know if this post was helpful and don’t forget to tag us in pictures or posts if you try any of these treatments/tips out! Xx


Day to Night x Najwa

There are only some designers that do modern day dresses right and Najwa; a Moroccan designer based in Karachi is undoubtedly one of them.  Fringes, frills, intricate cuts and patch works, this woman works with it all!

Here are two looks we’ve put together for you guys from her collection ;

– Day Time Look –


This outfit is perfect for any lunch-date/brunch. The frills on the trouser and sleeves give a perfect touch of quirkiness and the beads add some sophistication to it, making this statement outfit perfect for any day time occasion. I paired the dress with pink pointed heels to add another color to the complete look.

– Night Time Look –


A perfect Teal embellished with fringes for any night time occasion. The cut on the sleeve followed by a knot was just a cherry on top of this beautiful dress. Black block heels and a bold choker completes the look for me, what do you guys think?

Do check Najwa out on Instagram for more dresses and style inspirations!

Evening Opulence

Evening Opulence; a collection of vibrant Unstitched Silks in rich patterns and colorful magnificence crafted from a fabric which defines compassion & kindness.

Adorn yourself with these ever regal pieces for any lunch/dinner/party and stand out among all of your friends without worrying about any wrinkles on your outfit.

Here’s how we styled our Silk pieces for a girls day out (guest appearance; my bae; pizza)


Individual Looks –

Look #1;
Dramatic Evening + Night Time Look.





Makeup: Saad Samie. Accessories: Bblinggaccessories. Photography: Coffee Cloud Photography

The key to this dramatic night time look is braids, a bold lip color, statement choker/earrings & Kayseria’s Silk tunics >> Shop online here & here.

Look #2
Natural/light Day Time Look.


Makeup: Saad Samie. Accessories: Bblinggaccessories. Photography: Coffee Cloud Photography


To achieve this look stick to the ever trendy ‘No makeup look’ with open wavy/straight hair & kayseria’s silk tunics >> Shop online here & here .
Makeup & Hairstyling : Saad.Samie
Wardrobe: Kayseria
Accessories: bblinggaccessories
Guest bloggers: Umara & Kashaf
Photography: Coffee Cloud Photography

& here’s my favorite picture i.e a picture of me enjoying pizza with the rest of the people posing around me.

Hope you guys liked the looks we created, you can even check them out in weekend magazines latest (5th february) issue, much love xx

From Catalog to Reality

The Internet has revolutionized the way we shop and because of the weather/creeps/laziness/Insane traffic jams, more & more people these days prefer buying things online over the conventional method of going into stores.

There are numerous perks of shopping online like convenience, variety and not having to go out but there is one huge disadvantage to it which is that the product you receive looks nothing like the one you ordered online. Have you ever been conned by ordering something online like this poor soul right here?

If yes then you have our sympathies and for the future we’ll be sharing outfits with you that look exactly/almost the same way they do in catalogs & professional pictures because we say NO to false advertisements.


You can buy this article online here.


Buy this article online here.


Buy this article online here


Buy this article online here.

I hope these pictures rejuvenate your faith in online shopping & you guys always have a fun time shopping. Do share your online shopping experience with us? 🙂

Photography : Ayesha Ijaz Photography
Makeup: Fatima Janjua
Wardrobe: Iznik.
Jewelry: BBling

Iznik’s Chinon Collection

Iznik brings to you it’s Chinon; luxury chiffon collection, a mixture of 10 ‘bold & beautiful’ embroidered unstitched designs.

Chinon is an amalgamation of not just aesthetically spectacular clothes, but also of convenience, latest kinds & formal designs.

Embellished, embroidered and filled with sequence work these finest pieces of vibrant colors are all you need to make a statement this season.

These ready to stitch designs require the least preparations & once stitched they’ll surely make you stand out in these gorgeous outfits. The best part of unstitched collections are that you can play with them in anyway you want, you can either get them stitched in a modern way or a more traditional way.

We’re totally loving the bold colors and the cut work on the beautiful dupattas!

Here are our favorite designs from the collection;cn10
You can shop these designs online here.

Be bold to step into the spotlight & let your Chinon do the rest!

Shawl Mania

Raise your hand if your throat is as dry as the weather these days, Oh well, keeping the very common viral aside it’s time to take your shawls out ladiesssss (& even lads, because even they look super classy in shawls).

We girls here at Herandhem LOVE Shawls because most importantly they keep you warm and because they accentuate your outfit and make you look 10 x elegant and attractive than you already are. It is also an excellent accessory to hide what you’re wearing if you wrap it all around you like a blanket, I’m sure all you desi girls know this trick! 😉

Kayseria was generous enough to let us experiment with their shawls and style them in different ways for you guys to see. The iconic wool blend and herring bone shawls are surely a symbol of luxury and finesse in printed versions that are multi purpose; feminine and evergreen.

I’m sure you guys remember Umara from our Independence day post and even if you don’t then its no big deal because you’ll see her slaying the shawl look with us in this very post!

Look 1-
You can shop this article online here.

Look 2 –

You can shop this article online here.

Look 3-

You can shop this article here.

We spotted this printed jacket with a matching scarf while we were at the Kayseria outlet and we couldn’t stop ourselves from trying it out so well…

Hope you guys enjoyed going through this post, don’t forget to like our page on Facebook & follow us on Instagram. Xx

Winds of Winter

Winter is coming… & with it are all the winter collections for us to stay warm and classy at the very same time. Kayseria just launched their Winter 2016 collection; a comprehensive style statement for the new season.

The Winter collection is a symbol of luxury & finesse with iconic Wool blend and herring bone shawls in printed versions that are both feminine and evergreen. The dyed & embroidered shawls with  intricate patterns celebrate the beauty and intricacy of Kashmiri hand embroidered shawls.

There’s a plethora of fabric that you can choose from, the traditional options include; Cotton Karandi, Finer Cambric, Linen or the differentiating Bamboo Modale, Cotton Viscose and Cotton Satin Prints. You can enjoy a wide range of digital prints and take creative liberties, pairing the embroidered single shirts with printed and embroidered shawls, available at all the Kayseria outlets.

This winter, Ladli makes a statement with fused woolen jackets and wraps in Khaddar, karandi, Cotton Viscose and Bamboo Modal. Little girls all over the country express their personal sense of style whether it’s folk, contemporary or fusion.


You can avail any piece you like online from their website -> Kayseria

Faislabad x Aleez Launch

Hey, guys

On 15th October we attended our very first event in Faislabad which was the opening of Aleez; an ethnic formal/semi-formal wear brand, located in 2 Burj Plaza, Koh.e.noor city, Faislabad.

Before we go into reviewing the launch we would just like to say that we were absolutely overwhelmed by the response we got from everyone in Faislabad, We genuinely had no idea that we had so many followers there, thank you guys, you’re all amazing.

Now, coming to launch! It was a pretty soft opening with less media & societies and more walk in customers who were offered sweets, drinks & not to forget the FLAT 30% DISCOUNT ( Don’t worry guys, the discount is still on till the 20th).
We were shocked to see how the sales actually started way before the store even opened with the customers coming in and putting their favorite suits on hold. You, faislabadi’s are some real shopaholics, keep it that way! 😉

Aleez is a perfect place to get clothes for functions, dinners & WEDDINGS ( has to be in bold as it is the ultimate wedding season). They have a variety of intricately embroidered, embellished & beaded chiffon, karandi & net both stitched and unstitched suits to make you stand out at every event!