An evening with Bioderma

Hi, guys

As you all know that we attended the Bioderma product launch in Islamabad recently, we decided to share some highlights of the event with you and introduce the product to you like it was introduced to us.

The event was basically a hi-tea at Tuscany courtyard which started with the brief introduction of the company and their theory behind the brand. They gave us informative insights on how the products are made and how good they’re for your skin.  The product of the day was the water based makeup remover; sensibioH2O.


We were taught the right way to remove makeup through a detailed and we must say a very informative video which helped us in understanding the product and making the best use of it. If you follow the steps in the video you’ll be able to remove your makeup without leaving any trace of it!


Later we were given to test the product then and there and were told to give reviews, it was a funny moment because we all thought that we’d have to remove our makeup but thank God for the lipsticks we always carry in our bags and our ever ready canvas ( back of the hand) on which we test them.
The event winded up after the Hi-tea, a very delicious and scrumptious hi-tea and a little lucky draw that took place for the bloggers present at the event. The prize was a bag of products from Bioderma it self and was won by Khadija, a fellow blogger and good friend.

We’ve tested a couple of products from Bioderma as they were given to us in a form of a goody bag and our favorite one till date is the water based makeup remover. It’s a lifesaverrrr  for lazy or to put it in good words busy girls likes us 😉 No need of getting up and washing your face guys when you’re super tired, you can take your makeup off in a jiffy with this miracle product!  Here’s a picture of all of us Islamabad Bloggers at the event 😀

Hope you guys liked this post!


Eid-ul-Adha x Kayseria

Hey, guys

I hope you’ve all been well & I’m pretty sure most of you have seen my fail spinning video on snapchat (@miloattique & @hirableeh) which was made back when we were shooting for this very post.

I’ll be sharing our OOTD for Eid in collaboration with Kayseria & Saphigo today!


Shalwar Kameez : Kayseria Shoes : Outfitters



Jewelry : Saphigo


Lipcolor: Medora’s true red mixed with Karaja cream 06C


You can buy this ready to wear kurta from here for 5,765/- now.



Suit: Kayseria Heels : Coral Jewelry : Saphigo

You can buy this printed cotton silk shirt for 2,591 now from here.

Hope this helps for you guys to decide what to wear on Eid, you can always check out more prints from Kayseria &  Saphigo.

Style your Eid outfit with Kayseria

Lively, Traditional and colorful, Kayseria has endured the true colours of Eid this season. The collection consists of all one wants this Eid; digital prints, banarsi inspired necklines,  chunri dupattas,  gold flapper/shararas, block prints and tulip shalwars. The prints are more on the plain side compared to the Jungle theme prints we’ve seen and worn all summer. There’s a vast variety of prints, colors, stitched and unstitched fabric to choose from and below are a couple of prints we choose to wear!

Look 1




You can buy this unstitched suit with an embroidered lawn dupatta Online for only 3590/- I didn’t go for the dyed cambric trouser that comes along with it but decided to go with a skin trouser instead which is available in their pret collection and has a little embroidered cut work at the bottom of it. I opted for a middle parting with side braids to make the look a little bit more traditional!

This year Kayseria came out with exquisite hydrabadi handmade bangles to match your Eid outfit, hurry up before your favorite color runs out!

A fusion of pink and purple with embellished  swaroski crystals on top of it, this Kurta is simply beautiful and looks best paired with a white trouser. I decided to wear a truck art chappal to brighten up the look and paired a double tone Kulus bag with it. Click here to buy this cotton lawn shirt.
Rs 1790 – unstiched shirt.

Look 2-

I  paired this vibrant green Kurta which consists of a golden embroidered neckline with a skin trouser . i just HAD to add the trending silver based khussa to this look to make it whole. You can buy this best seller of the week unstitched suit from here.
Rs 3990/- Unstitched suit.


We’ve all been wanting plain shirts and I finally found one for myself, simple clothes look best with a pop of color whether its in the form of your lipcolor or your heels!

This printed cotton lawn shirt is from Kayseria’s pret collection with a henley collar & glass embellishments which looks best with a plain skin trouser and a red pair of heels! You can buy it for 3890/- here.

I hope you guys liked this post, don’t forget to check Kayseria’s Eid collection out, they’re giving away free bangles with every purchase so you better hurry up!

Things you need this Eid!

With the arrival of this Holy Month of Ramadan not only do we revive our Iman but we also start preparing for Eid and I, being the helpful little person that I am, will help make your Eid struggles a little easier.

We’re all aware of how hard it is to find the perfect shoes, suits, bags and matching accessories but I have it all covered for you this time, yes, i’ve done all the nasty research to line up the essentials you need this Eid to bring out the diva inside of you!

Everyone wants to look their best on Eid so that they can drop the perfect Eid selfie 😉 and
the first step to looking good is feeling good and dressing good so here are our fav Eid collections;







Our favorite and not unnecessarily hyped about Eid collections are from Kayseria, Cross Stitch & Baroque. The material and the designs of all three of them are amazing and all of them also have running online stores which will make your shopping less hectic and easy in these hot summer days.

Tulip Shalwar;

Shalwar’s have been trending for a while now and our favorite type of Shalwars are the Tulip shalwars, what other occasion would you wear a tulip shalwar other than Eid? 13405239_10154194781300350_210249754_o13389269_10154094676371183_229004264_oRemaluxe has by far bought the best tulip shalwar in the market and its this elegant white embroidered tulip shalwar which was even worn by the beautiful Mawra Hocane.

Outfits are always incomplete without some matching accessories and a good pair of earrings are the perfect accessories for Eid.13396634_10154094679806183_1564914197_o13383903_10154094676871183_1895153519_o13340638_10154094677766183_574388121_oOuthouse has literally outdone themselves and just like Sonam Kapoor and Mahira Khan even we’re in love with their earrings, rings and necklaces.

We need something to put the $$$ we get on Eid, don’t we?





Nina Neri


Kulus is acing the gem encrusted bag trend and Nina Neri seems to be working hard providing us with high-end genuine leather handbags and we’re loving both of them.

We all go crazy looking for the perfect pair of khussas as soon as summers start so i’ve also got the khussa search covered for you guys
12963712_974448319299547_8647348950194355931_n13165848_985950904815955_9170927675315335281_n13389032_10154094684101183_1001561005_oIt isn’t only us, even Syra Shahroze seems to be loving these intricately beaded khussas by SomaJooti Shooti never fails to come up with new designs for the trending truck art khussas which we all seem to love.

Mehndi & Bangles:
Do not forget to beautify your hands and arms with bangles and mehndi guys, everyone loves a little traditional henna and bangles on Eid.13389298_10154194738045350_1876844797_o13383570_10154194889370350_798290215_oI hope this post was helpful, comment below and let us know what are your favorite picks for this Eid 🙂
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Sinfully Sweet!

I recently came across these Jars filled with deliciousness by the name Sinfully Sweet and I wanted to share it with you guys!
I tried two of their jars;
The packaging is as adorable as the name, love how the mousse is in plastic jars to make sure it can be kept frozen easily.

I’ll start with the ‘Mutella’ one as it was my favorite, it’s basically Nutella mousse with a chocolate cake base and it tastes amazzzzzzingg. The mousse is super light and it has the perfect amount of sweetness to it, the one that doesn’t want you crave water or make you tooth ache.

I admit ‘Happy Layers’ wasn’t as tasty as ‘Mutella’ but I loved how they layered Ferrero Rochers, White Chocolate Cookie & Cream, Dairy Milk pudding and Chocoate fluff cake together in one little jar, the only turn off was the chocolate cake as it was a little dry. I did end up finishing this jar too though, hehe.

They have a lot of flavors for you to choose from , being a chocolate junkie I only choose the flavors which had lots of chocolatey stuff init, you can choose whatever flavor you like the best.

Each jar costs 550 and its available at
-SHAHEEN CHEMIST, Bahria Phase 4, Rawalpindi
-SHAHEEN CHEMIST, Bhittani Plaza, Peshawar

so you can easily avail this sinfully sweet jar of deliciousness.

For further details you can contact them on Facebook.

Ootd #Auj

The lawn mania seems to be never ending and Auj managed to win our hearts and eyes in this crucial lawn war with its pastel colors and delicate embroideries.

Here’s how we styled our Auj suits;
Look 1
The embroidery patches, the pastel peachy pink with a hint of green init looked just breathtaking and that is the soul reason why we choose to style this suit.
Suit – Auj
Shoes – Limelight
Bag – Threadz
Bracelet – Brand City.

Look 2

The silk dupatta of this suit has to be my favorite part of it, it is extremely silky and the digital print looks beyond beautiful! Again, the embroidery patches are just love!
Suit – Auj
Bag – Metro
Shoes – Vincci

Hope you liked our styling 🙂
Below are a few of our favorites from their Summer collection ;

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Lilash & Librow Review

Hey, guys!

Sorry for not posting lately, I was busy with exams and university life and we all know what a pain that it, but now as I’m done with my examinations you’ll be getting to read a lot of fun, fashionable and informative blog posts.

As I’m back now I decided to post about the products that mean the most to me and they’re these lash and eyebrow serums, we’re all aware of how the eyebrows being on point trend is a huge thing all over the internet so I’ve found products that will bring your eyebrows and eyelash game back on point without applying any falsies, makeup or mascara.


I’m literally a sucker for good eyelashes because according to me they change your look completely and make you look 10 times more attractive than you already are so I decided to try this Lilash serum instead of coating my eyelashes with mascara every single day or getting eyelash extensions.


The eyelash serum; Lilash comes in a liquid eyeliner container which makes its appliance quite easy as it is to be used on the eyelids only. It is very important to only use a little amount of the serum as our eyes are one of the most sensitive parts of our face and need to be taken special care of. The serum nourishes your eyelashes and reduces the chances of eyelash breakage and helps them grow. The eyelash serum is instructed to be used regularly for 12 weeks for ultimate results.



If you’re tired of filling your eyebrows every single day and want them to grow so you can get the perfect brow shape and ace your brow game then this Librow serum is all you need. It completes your look with boldly arched and tapered brows. The procedure of applying the brow serum is quite similar to the eyelash serum as you just have to apply it on your eyebrows with the help of the thin brush applicator.

P.s The box comes with a pocket size mirror which can come handy while fixing your mirror or applying these serums, who knows 😉

You can easily order these products online at or follow them on Instagram to stay updated.

Hair Matters Product Review

Hi guys,

I’m here with good news for all those who are facing hair problems like hair fall, dry hair, rough hair and frizzy hair. Just like all of you my hair was pretty damaged due to styling them almost every day and the thing that saved my hair was this beautiful pink basket I received on  5th March.


In this little basket were two products which have been pretty much successful in bringing my hair game back on point.
12946803_10154050045140350_980696592_o (1)

So the first product we have here is the Hair Matters Healthy Hair Mask in a round container and the Hair Matters Ultimate Hair Treat Oil in a Cylindrical bottle.

Hair Matters Ultimate Hair Treat Oil | Rs 1000/-
Firstly, The Hair Matters Oil comes in a Pump bottle which makes its appliance quite easy and less messy because honestly this oil business always gets a little messy, secondly it does not SMELL BAD. Yes, it doesn’t smell bad so all you young teenagers can easily apply it on your hair and leave it for a good amount of time. I’ve used this hair oil for about 3-4 times now and my hair has gotten quite soft and healthy, love how its a mixture of a lot of oils and cures a lot of your hair problems.

Hair Matters Healthy Hair Mask | Rs 500/-

Okay, so I’ll be very honest when I first opened this container I thought that they only had dry mehndi init, no jokes, and was unsure about whether I should apply it or not but I finally did apply it and the results were exceptionally good. I mixed two tablespoons of the hair mask powder in two tablespoons of yogurt and a few drops of the hair oil like it said behind the container and then applied it to the roots of my hair and let it stay in for about an hour or two, my hair actually felt healthier and shinier after the wash. Its a mixture of 5 powdered herbs which cleanse your scalp and leave your hair dandruff free and fairly thick. The hair mask actually has a cool sensation to it so its a win win for the hot summers coming  ahead.

I would personally recommend you guys to try Hair matters products out as they’re quite effective, you can place your order through their Facebook & Instagram page.

Unboxing the Stylemebox

Hi, my angels.
If you follow us on Instagram and Snapchat you would know about the Style me box that we received recently. Basically the Style me box is a box filled with handpicked goodies for those who love surprises and being pampered. It is also one of the first Subscription boxes in Pakistan and we wish them good luck for their amazing new venture.

Its a beautifully designed white and pink box with the cutest contents;


It’s stripped from the inside and holds numerous pieces of goodies that are enough to spoil you for a month;

Here’s what the box holds;

Geometric Statement necklace in black | Rs 2150

A striking black necklace is as essential as a little black dress.This is an ideal black necklace. Featuring seven geometric shaped black stones that lend a head turning appeal!

Maybelline Baby Lips Balm | Rs 450

This Baby lip balm by Maybelline isn’t your basic lip blam, it keeps your lips soft and hydrated for a good 6 hours and also adds a little hint of natural pink tint to your lips.

Soap & Glory Body Butter | Rs 650


Soap & Glory’s lime flavored body butter is all you need to moisturize your skin after a good shower, it’ll leave your skin as smooth and soft as velvet. If you’re a sucker of sweet and candylicious scents then this body butter is just perfect for you.

e.l.f Shimmer Palette | Rs 1800

elf’s shimmer palette comes in four pastel shads and even a hint of glimmer delivers a glowing result! It is highly pigmented and it has all the colors your eyes need this Summer. You can even use these shades to highlight your nose, cheekbones, brow bones and chin as there is no such thing as excessive highlight.

”Endless Heaven” Aqua- Color Crystal Earrings | 1200
Aqua is definitely the IN color this season and pairing these ear-rings with your attire can change your entire look in seconds.

Marshmallow Goodness | Rs 30
And while we were busy writing about this box we ended up finishing this little packet of deliciousness, the melted sensation of these goey goodness is all we wanted to endure our taste buds.

What we loved the most was this special little gift we got from Stylemebox

The best thing about the Style me box is that all these goodies actually cost for a total of 6,310 but you get to order this box for only 2,700 and save 3,610. So, hurry up and order your monthly subscription of Box & follow them on Facebook & Instagram.

Islamabad Fashion Week 2016

The 4th edition of the Islamabad Fashion Week was held at the Pakistan-China Friendship center and it was a 2 days event filled with lights, music, fashion, cameras and a lot more.

Unfortunately we weren’t able to attend the second day of the fashion week and were only able to rejoice the very first day.
Take a look at the few of the designers who showcased at the first day of the fashion week;

Iqra University –

The students of the Iqra University put up quite an impressive show on the first day , they didn’t only showcase their collection but also accessorized it with cages and other props. This collection had it all, a little quirkiness, a little class all with due respect to the latest trends.

Moazzam Abbasi

Loved this elegant collection named ‘Canvas’ by Moazzam Abbasi who is a pretty well known designer and has also participated in Moscow and Paris fashion weeks. ‘Canvas’ is an all white collection where fabrics have been amalgamated to create a classic piece.  This collection has a contemporary look into the wearable and magical white that speaks of the refraction and reflection of light.

Royal Tag

Royal tag is a menswear fashion retail brand with over 25 outlets nationwide. They showcased their spring summer collection 2016 based on SUMMER IN THE CITY which consisted of summer suits, casual and leisure wear.

Munib Nawaz

Munib Nawaz is Pakistan’s leading men’s wear label and doesn’t need an introduction, his collection was a tribute to unpredictability of nature and its impact on our lifestyle. Loved how his collection gave us numerous ideas to style according to the change in the situation/weather. Whether hail or sunshine, dust storm or cold breeze, this man stands his ground physically and stylishly. From natural wool to cotton, spandex to synthetic fiber our wide array of fabric concoction has something for those who dare to be different for those who dare to face the storm, for those who dare to be themselves.


Rizwanullah showcased his all white collection keeping it simple and classy, loved the bold lips, the fringes, the white, everything about this collection was on point.

Here’s what we wore to the event


Both of the dresses are from Mohsin Naveed Ranjha
You can check his collection out by clicking on the link above.

The event was amazingly organized, hoping to see more of such events in Islamabad.
A job well done by Rezz events.