What we wore on Eid’16

Hey, guys!

We recently shared a photo on Instagram asking which post you’d like to see next and the Eid post seem to have won by majority.

Somehow, we’ve all made all the Eid pictures and selfies mandatory ( I, being among one of them) but We was so busy this Eid that we couldn’t really have our own little ‘photo-shoot’ except for the very first day so please bear with us ( & our pictures)

Eid Day 1
I wore this fully embroidered shirt paired with plated straight pants & a full of life and colors chiffon dupatta by Iznik . A pop of color had to be added to this elegant suit so I decided to go red with the lips and heels!
The makeup details will be posted on our Instagram account real soon!
I’ve already reviewed the Baroque collection, so you can check that post out for the details.
We’ve already introduced our contributor from Uk; Bina Ali on Instagram and here’s what she choose to wear on Eid
Top – AghaNoot
Shalwar – Image Fabrics
Head piece/Bangles – Primark
Shoes – Mochari

Eid Day 2
Outfit – Gulaal
Shoes – Local shop
Outfit – Baroque
Perfect example of what I meant when I said I didn’t get enough time to get ready or pose for a picture. So, i’ll just attach an old one for close up, hehe.
Top – Zara
Bottom- Zara
Shoes – H&M
Head piece – Zara

Eid Day 3
Suit – SNM Lawn
Khussa – Khussa Shop in Karachi
Watch – Timex
Excuse the door, we had a waterfight before getting ready and heading out.


Maxi Dress – Zara
Heels – H&M
Necklace – &otherstories.

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Eid Outfit x Baroque

Hi, my angles!

Firstly Eid Mubarak, I hope you all had an amazing Eid filled with happiness and eidi, lol. I’ll be sharing what I wore on Eid with you guys today!

I recently came across Baroque; a new name in the lawn industry. they came out with 8, absolutely breathtaking designs, which had a perfect blend of floral prints incorporating net and silk dupattas. The collection consists of both vibrant and pastel colours which cater women from all walks of life.

Here’s how we styled our Baroque outfits;
– Exotic Bloom.
You can buy this digital printed suit with a self print trouser and various patches online from Here for only 5055.

– Cool Breeze
IMG-20160708-WA0059.jpgIMG-20160708-WA0060.jpg (1)

You can buy this beautiful digital printed suit with an ABSOLUTELY BEAUTIFUL NET dupatta Here for 5480.

You can buy all of these prints online from   here and avail a 15% discount for now so hurrrrrrry up!

Don’t forget to check them out on Facebook & Instagram.


Kayseria’s Spring Summer Volume 1

As the lawn season is in full swing we would like to share our thoughts on what to choose from one of our favorite go to brands; Kayseria.
Kayseria has always been one of my go to brands to when I have to get something formal and absolutely gorgeous which is not too cliched and of a good quality.

What I like most about Kayseria is that they provide you with a lot of variety and this season they have in-stored for us some amazing embodied floral patterns, delicate embroideries , chiffon dupattas with beautiful cut-work, sheer organza patches and embellished digital printed shirts.

Here are our top picks from their Spring Summer Volume 1 collection ;

0J6A4237 (1744)
This pastel blue shirt piece with a white organza patch is my absolute favorite, loved the sober colour and the little hint of formal wear the patch adds up to the entire shirt.

12821524_10153949313340350_450354193431641614_n (1)

Kurta: Kayseria Trouser: Kayseria Shoes: Limelight

I got this shirt stitched in the very same away and attached it here so you can see that the prints and colours are as vibrant and realistic as they’re in the pictures.

1769 (4)

This beautiful Floral Fusion digital printed shirt with Swarovski crystals is also one of my very favorite ones. The yellows and greens look perfect together in their pastel forms and make this shirt ideal for the summers.

1219 (5)

The intricate embroidery and the cut work on this sandalwood pink chiffon dupatta looks beautiful with  this embroidered shirt and is the very reason why we like this article so much.

5U4A4573 (1776)

From the embroidered lace on the trouser to the printed border of the shirt and the dupatta everything about this suit is just perfect.

5U4A4747 (1735) (1)
Florals and spring go way back when it comes to printed clothes and this shirt is a perfect example of it , just that the monochrome neck line and the border add a twist to the cliched combo and change the entire look of the shirt.


Kurta: Kayseria

Here’s how I styled this very shirt.

You can buy these prints and all of their other prints Here & you can stay updated with their new collections and offers on their Facebook & Instagram pages.

East Breakout

We’re all aware of ‘Breakout’ as a western clothing brand which is one of the pioneers in Pakistan to provide us with the classiest pair of jeans, shirts, dresses, scarves, shoes and what not in the most affordable prices ever.

After excelling in all the western wear now they’ve come up with their eastern wear collection which is a fusion of urban chic and eastern designs. This collection is specially targeted to  the women out there who want to pull an eastern attire and yet look pretty urban and chic.

We picked out two Kurta’s from their recent collection to incorporate in our #OOTD and we were blown away with the perfect stitching, the reliable material,  and the chic prints.

Here’s how we styled them;

I styled this Zenith blue Kurta with this monochrome trouser as it went perfectly with the lace on the sleeves and the neck. Loved the cut on the sleeves


This forest green Kurta went best with a plain off white trouser and the zip on the side of the neck added the perfect chic look that this entire collection has promised to bring out to us!

Some of our other favorites from their collection are;

Don’t forget to check them out on Facebook & Instagram.


Summer Hairstyles Part 1

Braided hairstyles are the Ultimate Go to Hairstyles this year, easy to do and fun to wear! But did you know you can look all chic with just the help of TWO bobby pins?

Yes, you read that right. Two bobby pins it is!

Here is how to get this cute look. It is very fast and easy and is my favorite braided hairstyle for a casual day out.

STEP 1: Brush your hair and get rid of all the tangles.

STEP 2:   Take a small strand of hair from the back of your ear.


STEP 3: Make a Simple Braid out of the separated hair strand and repeat the same step on the other side.

STEP 4: Now take the braided hair to the alternative sides and secure it with bobby pins!


Kings Food Festival

On Saturday 13th Feb we attended the very first food festival held in ISLAMABAD, yes we’re finally having such events in Islamabad aswell! It was a fun filled event with lights, cameras, music and a lot of FOOD!

There were a lot of stalls and the thing that caught our eyes the most was how the festival focused more on the entrepreneurs like ‘Ami k Parathey’, ‘Nutella bar’, ‘Naan Factory’, ‘The Chocolate Factory’ and ‘Rakia’s licklicious’.

From artists to dancers to singers to photographers the festival had it all! Also , who says Islamabad sleeps early and that we don’t know how to party? I have all the pictures to prove you guys wrong!

The festival was held in F9 park, Islamabad from 3 pm onward to 11pm and also consisted of an amazing performance by ‘Khumariyaan’ the band.

Thankyou to all the people who were behind this festival, the entire Kings team who worked so hard to make this festival possible and worth it!

Skin Care Routine

Hi, my lovelies!

Quite a lot of you have been asking me to share my skin care routine, so today I’ll tell you how I take care of my skin! Don’t let all the products in the picture scare you, I don’t use them all in one day, lol.

Before I start I would like to mention how my skin isn’t too oily or too dry, its a combination of both and I don’t get a lot of acne or breakout so the products I’ll be mentioning below are those which suit my skin the best.

I’ll begin with the face wash;12642639_10153871377975350_4342020802238700099_n
I’m currently using The Body Shop’s Pomegranate Softening Face Wash as it removes my makeup pretty easily and leaves my skin feeling baby soft. I keep on changing my face wash a lot so I can’t say that is my very favorite one or the one that I’ve been using for months because I’m yet to find that ultimate favorite one!

Facial Skin Polish;
I’ve been using this Hollywood styles Facial Skin Polish for months and I absolutely love it, I use it twice or thrice a week. I use it every time I think my face is looking dull or tan or when it needs a little care. It removes dead skin from your face and eliminates dark spots.

Detoxifying Facial Clay Mask
I use this Avocado and Green Tea mask twice or thrice a month, it helps in minimizing and detoxifying the pores. It also leaves your skin looking fresh and is to be used after cleansing your skin for better results.

The Body Shops Camomile Cleansing butter;12565494_10153871378345350_1948102196253121252_n
This cleansing butter is my go to for when I can’t get makeup off my face, it gently removes makeup and all the dirt from your face and leaves your skin feeling clean and pampered.

Soft Touch Double Action Cleanser:
Soft Touch Double Action cleanser has been passed on to me by my mom and I absolutely love it, It’s a little time consuming to massage it on your wet face until it dries and whisks away the dirt from your face but its worth the time and energy.I use it on a pamper night once or twice a month!

Revive Pomegrante face oil
I’ve already talked about this product so I’ll just share the link of my previous post Here.

Conatural  Saffron Complexion Builder;

You can read about this product here.

Soft Touch Moisturizing Scrub Cream
One of my favorite scrubs as it unclogs pores, removes black heads and exfoliates your skin. It actually does help in brightening your skin by whisking away the dull and dead surface from your face. I use this one for my hands and feet aswell!

Sephora Lotus Mask
Sephora’s Lotus Mask hydrates your skin and reduces the sign of fatigue and tiredness from your face. I use it once a month and It leaves my skin feeling moisturized and fresh.

Facial Cleanser
I ordered this Facial Cleanser from Fashion City and it comes with 5 interchangeable heads that can be used in your daily skin care routine.
1- The brush head can be used while you wash your face with a face wash as it will thoroughly clean your skin and it will improve the blood circulation of your face.
2- The two foam heads can be used for applying your foundation evenly and scrubing your face as one of them is soft and the other is hard.
3- The rough pink head can be used to whisk away the dead skin from your face.
4 – The roll on can be used to massage oil or massaging creams on your skin/face.

I hope I’m able to help you guys with this! 🙂 x

Aura Revive Pomegranate Face Oil

Aura crafts sent me their ‘Revive Pomegranate Face Oil’ about 2 weeks ago and ever since then I’ve been using it and I must say that you should all try it out as it is a must have for your skin this winter season.
It comes in a 30ml dropper bottle which makes it pretty easy to apply without wasting any oil or creating a mess out it.

It is a mixture of Pomegranate and Apricot Oil which play a huge role in reviving your skins condition and moisturizing it.

I massage 3-4 drops of it on my face every night before going to sleep and I’ve definitely felt my skin being more hydrated than it was before, it has also lead to a reduction in fine lines on my face. It is a non sticky lightweight oil which makes it even more better!

I would totally recommend you guys to try this oil out specially if you’re looking for a natural cure for your ageing skin.
You can contact Aura Crafts on their page Aura-crafts.com or on their Instagram Account

Winter #OOTD Western/Eastern

Hi Guys,

I’d be showing you two easy yet chic ways to dress up in winters with a touch of both, eastern and western wear.




Cardigan – FORESTBLU




Pattern cardigans are pretty much  in this season and that is exactly why I designed this outfit around one. This red, blue and white tribal print cardigan was my pick from FORESTBLU’s winter collection and so were these extremely comfortable Uggs. I cannot even explain how warm and comfy they’re, a total must have for this chilly season.

Do check FORESTBLU out on Facebook & Instagram

For the second outfit  I went for a eastern look :



Tights – HANGTEN

Khussas – From a local shop in Islamabad


I got this beige and green floral kurta from COCO BY ZARA SHAHJAHAN and I  paired it with a skin colored tight from hang ten and a green plain khussa from a local shop. For a change I rope braided my hair on each side as I decided to also add some new hairstyles while doing these usual OOTD’s. Loved how the kurta was infused with both a floral and a geometrical pattern, this is what makes Zara Shahjahan distinct from other brands and is the main reason why I love it so much!

Also, do check out Coco by Zara Shahjahan on Facebook & Instagram.

Kapray’s Launch

On 19th December we attended Kapray’s launch in Centaurus which is the very first shop of Kapray in the twin cities. It was a fun filled launch with Uzair Jaswal winning hearts by his live performance and Kapray winning hearts by their beautiful prints!

Kapray consists of stitched and unstiched clothes for women, bags and shoes for both men and women, ready to wear clothes for men and kids, and some beguiling home accessories/decorations.

Totally loved the outlook of the entire place and their beautiful prints! Here are some of the pictures from the event ;


Wearing clothes from Kapray’s ready to wear collection.  3 peice suit in Viscose Linen.


Kapray’s ready to wear collection.





The event was organized by Constantine PR and was hosted by Sulmeen Ansari.