An evening with Bioderma

Hi, guys

As you all know that we attended the Bioderma product launch in Islamabad recently, we decided to share some highlights of the event with you and introduce the product to you like it was introduced to us.

The event was basically a hi-tea at Tuscany courtyard which started with the brief introduction of the company and their theory behind the brand. They gave us informative insights on how the products are made and how good they’re for your skin.  The product of the day was the water based makeup remover; sensibioH2O.


We were taught the right way to remove makeup through a detailed and we must say a very informative video which helped us in understanding the product and making the best use of it. If you follow the steps in the video you’ll be able to remove your makeup without leaving any trace of it!


Later we were given to test the product then and there and were told to give reviews, it was a funny moment because we all thought that we’d have to remove our makeup but thank God for the lipsticks we always carry in our bags and our ever ready canvas ( back of the hand) on which we test them.
The event winded up after the Hi-tea, a very delicious and scrumptious hi-tea and a little lucky draw that took place for the bloggers present at the event. The prize was a bag of products from Bioderma it self and was won by Khadija, a fellow blogger and good friend.

We’ve tested a couple of products from Bioderma as they were given to us in a form of a goody bag and our favorite one till date is the water based makeup remover. It’s a lifesaverrrr  for lazy or to put it in good words busy girls likes us 😉 No need of getting up and washing your face guys when you’re super tired, you can take your makeup off in a jiffy with this miracle product!  Here’s a picture of all of us Islamabad Bloggers at the event 😀

Hope you guys liked this post!


The Makeup Bullet

We did it before Nikkie, sorry, had to say this lol.
Beauty blenders have been a life saver for all of us makeup junkies and the makeup bullets are just another addition to the beauty blender family, a younger and a much convenient addition. An alternative of beauty blender have been of all the rage this year on the internet there have been silicon sponges, boiled eggs,  makeup bullets and what not.

It’s a little hard to hold a beauty blender in your hand and merge your eye makeup with a blending blush at the same time, hence, a makeup bullet makes it possible for you to do both simultaneously. You won’t even have to worry about your beauty blender falling from your hand again and again. It fits your finger perfectly and helps reach the little corners and niches  of your face that your regular beauty blender is not able to.


It has a good finish and blends your makeup seamlessly . For people who unintentionally go in with their hands while doing their makeup this product will be a life changer for you as it is a much cleaner substitute.

We love it and would keep on using it but we’ll have to put it out there that it has not stopped us from using our regular beauty blender.

Hope you guys like the review and if you want to see more reviews like this then comment on the Instagram post and we will try our best to bring in more fun product reviews for you!

Favourite Makeup products of 2016 

2016 was the year I & everyone around me was literally OBSESSED with make-up & also the year which made me realize that half of your make-up is your skin so if you need to get your make-up game on point you need to get your skin on point first.

Putting the obvious aside I’ll start with my ABSOLUTE favorite products of the year;


– Giorgio Armani luminous silk foundation.
I had to get my hands on this one as all the make-up gurus were raving about it & I must tell you guys that it’s worth every penny. I believe we’ve all moved from the full coverage heavy looks to the more natural “no make-up looks” so if you’re looking for a light flawless looking coverage then this     ml bottle is all you’re looking for.


Shade adjustment drops
Although the strong scent might be a turn off for some people it doesn’t seem to bother me, this little dropper is like my little secret to luminous flawless looking skin. You can either use it as a highlighter or add it in your base to give it a little liquidy/luminous touch & also to lighten it’s shade.


– StageLine liquid lipsticks
I was introduced to the brand Stageline on Sobias masterclass & I never knew it’ll turn out to be so GOOD. From the Tv sticks, to the mascaras , to the liquid lipsticks everything is worth more than the price, if I be honest. They’re long-lasting, not drying & pretty vibrant but its a bummer how they only have a few colors so far.


 – Hoola bronzer
Till the start of 2016 I was all about the cream contour but as time went by I realized that 1 – my face doesn’t need that much contouring 2 – I don’t have so much time to cream contour my face on a daily biases & just  then I was introduced to the holla bronzer. It’s SO pigmented & its little brush is the perfect shape for contouring, one swap & I’m good to go with more sculpted cheeks & a contoured nose.


 – Mac Prep & Prime Fix
I haven’t really used the spray as a primer yet but I’ve been using it as a setting spray and it has clearly been doing its job as one, it holds the makeup in place for hours and literally makes it melt into your skin hence giving you a flawless looking skin.

16358439_10154903821775350_725153766_n– Stainiac Lip & Cheek stain
Lip & Cheek stains are a secret ingredient to my makeup routine, they look absolutely natural and stay all day long. I use the Stainiac lip & Cheek stain from the balm cosmetics, i don’t personally like it on the lips but its perfect for the cheeks and I don’t think I’ve used powdered blush ever since I’ve got my hands on this.


 – Maybelline Fit Me Concealer
An oil free concealer that covers all types of blemishes and doesn’t look cake-y or bulge up. The only drawback is that they only have a limited amount of shades available.


– Sexy Mama Translucent Powder
Sexy mama does exactly what its supposed to do; powder your face without a trace. Doesn’t cake up & leaves a matte finish.


– Inglot Gel Eyeliner
Darkest & smoothest liner to work with, glides on your eyelids & doesn’t smudge.

Do share your favorite makeup products of 2016 with us 🙂

Black to Blonde!

Hi guys!

Most of you who follow us on Instagram and Snapchat know that we recently got our hair dyed, in other words, our Mother finally allowed us to dye our hair, hehe. We both got our hair dyed by Nazish Bangash; L’oreal Educationist, at Royce by Sabeen Sajjad located in Bahria Phase 7.

I had virgin black hair and I wanted a little change so here’s what I went for;




In process

WhatsApp-Image-20160713 (1)
I went for a blonde color with a contouring technique by which the sides of my hair are lighter in shade compared to the center of my hair/head. ( The pictures are unedited). 717 & 811 Loreal are the exact shades.

Here’s a picture of my hair after a couple of washes ;

I, on the other hand already had color treated hair in the form of highlights but this time I wanted a completely different look so I opted for bronze blonde hair which Nazish & Sabeen decided to do in a sunkissed and balayage mixed technique

WhatsApp-Image-20160714 (1)


WhatsApp-Image-20160714 (2)

In process

WhatsApp-Image-20160714 (3)

Final Result.

The staff was extremely cooperative and well trained, thankyou for the look we wanted, Sabeen & Nazish!

Unboxing the Ignite Box

Hi, my angles!
I hope your Eid went well and that you’re all doing great.

Today, I’ll finally be unboxing the Ignite box, I know you’ve all been waiting for this one for a long time but before I start I want you guys to know a little about the whole idea of the subscription box.

Ignite Box is a makeup subscription box which basically is just a box filled with different makeup products which differ from box to box and month to month depending on your skin type and preferences. The Ignite box is of two types; Spoilt & Smart.
The Spoilt box consists of more of the high end brands and costs about 11500 where as the smart box focuses more on the drugstore brands and is for 5500.

Coming back to the Unboxing;
1- Lush Bubble Gum Lip Scrub:


This sugary perfectly pink polisher keeps lips in tip top condition and tastes of candy floss! It’s very important to keeps your lips hydrated specially when you love matte liquid lipsticks.

2- NYX Lingerie – Lipli 1213639843_10154179876441183_1614250424_o
These seductive lip colors are everything you need for your lips to look flawless all day.

3- e.l.f contouring blush & bronzing powder
This palette is your ultimate contouring palette with a perfect size mirror.

4-M U A Elysium Palette
From glittery to matte this palette has all the shades you need for your eyes and it also comes with a liner pencil and highlighting pencil so that you can literally complete your eye look with just one palette. Oh and they’re super pigmented!

5- Benefit BAD gal Lash

I don’t think I have to say much about this mascara, we all know that its amazing!

5- Origins Skin Mask13621847_10154181532891183_1867578201_o (1)

6- Pocket size mirror
The last thing is  this pocket size mirror which is extremely cute and handy as one side of it is magnified and the other is normal so that you can literally ace your makeup details!
You can follow the Ignite box on Instagram and order your box now by filling this simple form 🙂

Eid Outfit x Baroque

Hi, my angles!

Firstly Eid Mubarak, I hope you all had an amazing Eid filled with happiness and eidi, lol. I’ll be sharing what I wore on Eid with you guys today!

I recently came across Baroque; a new name in the lawn industry. they came out with 8, absolutely breathtaking designs, which had a perfect blend of floral prints incorporating net and silk dupattas. The collection consists of both vibrant and pastel colours which cater women from all walks of life.

Here’s how we styled our Baroque outfits;
– Exotic Bloom.
You can buy this digital printed suit with a self print trouser and various patches online from Here for only 5055.

– Cool Breeze
IMG-20160708-WA0059.jpgIMG-20160708-WA0060.jpg (1)

You can buy this beautiful digital printed suit with an ABSOLUTELY BEAUTIFUL NET dupatta Here for 5480.

You can buy all of these prints online from   here and avail a 15% discount for now so hurrrrrrry up!

Don’t forget to check them out on Facebook & Instagram.


Duvi Stockholm Products

Hey, guys!

I hope you like the new layout of the website, we all love a little change, don’t we? Talking about change, I just changed my skin care products last month and my skin has never felt better.

I never review skin care products until I’ve used them and I’m sure about my opinion on them therefore it took me more than a month to review these Duvi Stockholm products.


I’ll start with my favorite product out of these two and that has to be the Green Tea Facewash!

Duvi Green Tea Face Wash – Rs 1150/-


I’ve had some horrible experiences with face washes and I was quite near to believing that face washes and I would never get along until I came across this Duvi Green Tea Face Wash. It’s for all skin types and includes Aloe Vera extracts, it LITERALLY removes all the dirt, MAKEUP and impurities from your face without drying your skin. It actually does reduce the severity of breakouts, trust me on this one, my skin hasn’t gone all wild ever since I’ve been using this little white 150 ml bottle which is enriched with natural ingredients.

Duvi Vitamin Toner – Rs 1300/-

The Duvi Vitamin Toner removes all the left over makeup and impurities from your face that your face wash fails to remove and returns your skins bright complexion that is hidden behind all the dirt, tiredness and impurities of your skin. The Vitamin Toner consists of Organic Apple extracts from French Provence,  Vitamin C,B1,B2,PP,B5,B6,B9, Provitamin A and Vitamin E. For better results a toner is always to be used after cleansing your skin, it is to be applied on a cotton pad and swept gently on the face and neck, make sure to avoid the areas around your eyes.

The soft towel with the products I received was like a cherry on top and the results of the products were so impressive that I ended up ordering their White Daisy Skin Brightening Cream and I’m loving it.

You can order Duvi’s products from or their website & you can follow them on Instagram.

Sinfully Sweet!

I recently came across these Jars filled with deliciousness by the name Sinfully Sweet and I wanted to share it with you guys!
I tried two of their jars;
The packaging is as adorable as the name, love how the mousse is in plastic jars to make sure it can be kept frozen easily.

I’ll start with the ‘Mutella’ one as it was my favorite, it’s basically Nutella mousse with a chocolate cake base and it tastes amazzzzzzingg. The mousse is super light and it has the perfect amount of sweetness to it, the one that doesn’t want you crave water or make you tooth ache.

I admit ‘Happy Layers’ wasn’t as tasty as ‘Mutella’ but I loved how they layered Ferrero Rochers, White Chocolate Cookie & Cream, Dairy Milk pudding and Chocoate fluff cake together in one little jar, the only turn off was the chocolate cake as it was a little dry. I did end up finishing this jar too though, hehe.

They have a lot of flavors for you to choose from , being a chocolate junkie I only choose the flavors which had lots of chocolatey stuff init, you can choose whatever flavor you like the best.

Each jar costs 550 and its available at
-SHAHEEN CHEMIST, Bahria Phase 4, Rawalpindi
-SHAHEEN CHEMIST, Bhittani Plaza, Peshawar

so you can easily avail this sinfully sweet jar of deliciousness.

For further details you can contact them on Facebook.

Pure & Organic Skin Care Products!

Hi, my angels!

As you can all see I’m all about skincare these days and it’s all because I’m finally realizing the importance of clear skin. Guys, I can’t emphasis enough on the importance of skincare, flawless looking skin is actually the root to looking fresh whether it’s with or without makeup so without wasting more of your time I’ll just skip to these Dr. Kureshi products that I can’t help myself from using these days!


I know we all hesitate while using local skincare product specially when they aren’t that we’ll known, I know I do and that is why basically I didn’t touch these products for like 2 days thinking I’d ruin my skin but I was completely shocked when I tried these products.
I’ll be honest and only review about the 3 products I’ve used and they’re the luxurious face oil, Intensive hair oil & the ultimate cleansing toner.


These products are for all skin and hair types and are also 100% pure and Organic.
I’ll start from my favorite product which is the Luxurious Face oil.

Luxurious Face Oil – Rs 1499/-

It comes in a 30ml dropper bottle which makes the appliance easy and less messy. It’s a mixture of eleven essential oils including almond, jasmine and anti ageing argon. The purpose of the oil is to hydrate and moisturize your skin without leaving any greasy residue on your face. I know, I know thinking about oil and non greasy-ness kind of doesn’t go along but that is what I LOVE about this oil, it actually doesn’t feel greasy or sticky when you apply it which is like a plus point in these summers. Take two to three drops of the oil and massage it onto your skin and let it stay and do its magic over night. You’ll definitely feel the difference in your skin after a couple of days, it’ll be much more soft, moisturized and hydrated.

Intensive Hair Oil – Rs 1399/-


The intensive hair oil comes in a 100ml spray bottle and the SPRAY bottle once again makes the appliance super easy and less messy. It’s the perfect solution for damaged hair as it brings the moisture back in your hair and helps with removing dandruff. Apply a little amount of it on your hair for about an hour before you take a bath and rinse with lukewarm water. Also, don’t worry, even this oil is non greasy!

Ultimate Cleansing Toner – Rs 500/-


The ultimate cleansing toner comes in a 120 ml spray bottle and it helps in cleansing and toning your skin and brings back it’s radiance. You can apply it after you’ve washed or cleansed your face with the help of a cotton pad and as all other toners it’ll help you take off the last bit of dirt and makeup from your skin and bring back your skins radiance and natural beauty.

I’ll be reviewing the rest of the products real soon so keep checking guys!

Keeping all of these products aside the most important thing for your skin is water, drink as much water as you can specially when you wake up and you’ll feel the difference in your skin yourself.

Also let me know if you want me to share my entire skin care routine with you guys, you can either comment below or on our latest Instagram post.

You can order these products online from Dr. Kureshi and follow them on Facebook & Intsagram.

Ootd #Auj

The lawn mania seems to be never ending and Auj managed to win our hearts and eyes in this crucial lawn war with its pastel colors and delicate embroideries.

Here’s how we styled our Auj suits;
Look 1
The embroidery patches, the pastel peachy pink with a hint of green init looked just breathtaking and that is the soul reason why we choose to style this suit.
Suit – Auj
Shoes – Limelight
Bag – Threadz
Bracelet – Brand City.

Look 2

The silk dupatta of this suit has to be my favorite part of it, it is extremely silky and the digital print looks beyond beautiful! Again, the embroidery patches are just love!
Suit – Auj
Bag – Metro
Shoes – Vincci

Hope you liked our styling 🙂
Below are a few of our favorites from their Summer collection ;

Do not forget to like them on Instagram & Facebook.