5 Trends of 2019

2019 has JUST begun but we’ve already done our research on what’s in trend and what is most likely to trend this year. If you want to know the TOP 5 trends of 2019 then keep on trending.



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We all love skinny jeans but they’re kind of getting old, boot cut pants with our without slits are what the influencers are digging this year. No, we’re not talking about the ones Pooh wore in K3G, these slits are more on the side rather than the front.



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Animal print is EVERYWHERE, on the runway, on the gram, its even being used as hair color now, don’t believe us? Check it out for yourself below! We’re totally up for this trend as we like to believe that animal print done right looks super classy and fancy!



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Crimped hair & Fringes! The sultry, messy look is trending in 2019 and the 80’s hair trend; crimped hair is what perfects this look. Guess people are done with dead straight hair, but are you? Other than crimped hair, fringes are back in fashion. From actresses, to models to influencers, everyone is trying the good old fringes again.



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Fanny packs have been trending since 2018, not only do they look super cool but they’re extremely COMFORTABLE to carry. Perfect for people who don’t like holding bags.



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Yoga skin is said to be the years biggest beauty trend. The trend was bought into light by Sarah Hill who is a Uk based makeup artist & she says that “I created [the yoga skin technique] to make the skin look lit from within.” Yoga Skin for us is basically prepping your skin perfectly before doing makeup & then adding either strobe creams, face oils or liquid highlighters for a more glow-ey & plumped look.


3 Pair Of Heels That Go With Everything

They say ‘ You’re either in your bed or shoes, so it pays to invest in bothย ‘ but HOW MANY shoes should a girl REALLY invest in? While we figure that out we’ve cracked another mystery for you; heels that go with almost every dress/look.

Red, Nude, Black heels & a comfortable white pair of sneakers! YES, that’s all you need to ROCK any look. It’s the era of social media and pictures in general so let me show it to you guys in the form of some photos that I took from our instagram. We’re always repeating shoes and you should aswell, its TOTALLY acceptable, lol.

Red – Bring color to any outfit/look by pairing a kickass pair of Red heels/shoes.

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Nude – Compele any look with a pair of decent nude heels that compliment not only your outfit but your feet aswell!

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Black – Add class to your outfit/look with any black shoes/heels.

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These have been our go to heels/shoes for 2018, what are your go to colors for shoes? Any specific colors you buy your shoes in to play safe? Let us know in the comments!