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Our blog is a PR friendly blog so feel free to contact us for promotions, reviews, sponsored posts or any other business inquires at info.herandhem@gmail or any of our Instagram/Facebook pages and we’ll be more than happy to promote your brand if it meets our requirements.

9 thoughts on “PR/Contact us

  1. Here are simple tips..saw you are using wordpress..
    If not wrong all the photos look snapped on a dslr .. but still the quality on your blog is pretty bad, i know you guys have to do it to save the uploading time..
    1. use a wordpress plugin called SMUSHIT ..
    2. Reduce the size in photoshop (CLTR + ALT + i ) 1920 works good for most of the photos. (You can download photoshop for free from here
    And when showing products put the link on the image itself or under the photo (not in the bottom ) like you did with kayseria post .

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  2. Hey! i have started blogging on blogspot and i could really use some help. I am stuck with only 1 reader on my latest post that i posted last sunday and i feel very NOT motivated. Please can you visit my blog and send some viewers so i can do photo shoots for my blog. I am not shooting because no one reads my blog and the money on the shoots will go to waste.


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