What to wear on a Wedding?

Hey, guys

The wedding season is right around the corner and our dm’s are flooded with questions related to what to wear on weddings and how to do your makeup on weddings. The later part will be demonstrated on our Youtube Channel (do subscribe if you haven’t already) but today we’ll show you guys some recent clothes that we wore on weddings and ABSOLUTELY LOVED!

We wore these FAS designs a couple of months ago and till date get questions related to these outfits. So we decided to incorporate your questions in this post aswell;
– Where is the studio based? It’s in Gujranwala & Lahore.
– Do you buy outfits online or do you visit the studio? Wedding dresses are best bought after fittings and full satisfaction that is why visiting the studio is the best option.
– Where did we get our makeup & hair from? Faiza’s Salon
– How do we get an appointment? We’ve linked their instagram page HERE, you can get their details from their bio or by contacting them.

batch_WhatsApp Image 2017-10-17 at 4.59.49 PMbatch_WhatsApp Image 2017-10-17 at 5.00.23 PMbatch_WhatsApp Image 2017-10-17 at 5.00.26 PM
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Recently, we wore these Erum Khan Couture lehangas and were blown away by the vibrant colors, the perfect stitching and the intricate embroidery and embellishments.
batch_uhiobatch_ohbatch_WhatsApp Image 2017-10-17 at 3.50.32 PM

The Dress worn by Hira, is a perfect option for any Mehndi function and if you’re worried about the dress being uncomfortable while dancing or moving here and there then you have my word that the skirt was extremely comfortable because I spun quite a lot in it.

batch_WhatsApp Image 2017-10-17 at 5.00.41 PMbatch_WhatsApp Image 2017-10-17 at 5.02.21 PMbatch_WhatsApp Image 2017-10-17 at 5.00.43 PM

The second dress worn by Hemayal stands out because of its uniqueness, we’ve seen a lot of designs but this one was new in its own pastel tones. It’s the perfect dress for someone who prefers light colors and wants to go for a dewy makeup look.

Erum Khan has a studio in Islamabad and Lahore, their instagram is linked HERE for further queries.

What we wore on Keune Care Treatment Sessions

Hello, guys ūüíē

We’re super sorry for not updating you guys here on the blog but we’ve been extremely busy organising and attending Keune Care events & now that we’re finally done with them we decided to bring you guys all the fun outfits we wore to all the 3 days of the event.

So basically we had 3 event in 3 cities being Lahore, Islamabad & Karachi & here’s what we wore to each one of them ;

Lahore event 1 –

Lahore being the hub of all the designers puts you in the position of dressing your best as that’s what everyone around you is doing.

We both wore pieces from Erum Khan Couture on the first event .

Hira – I wore this navy blue suit from their mantra collection with a tank top to add a little touch of myself to it and to make sure I don’t look petite in the full navy blue look. I went for minimal makeup and my usual straight hair with a middle partition.


Hemayal – The whole look was created around the long kimono that I got from Erum Khan’s Mantra collection, as the kimino did all the talking I kept everything else pretty simple – A basic white top and a pair of jeans that say ‘bad girls dont cry’.¬†I opted for black kitten heels to complete the look.


Islamabad event 2 –

Islamabad being our hometown gives us the feeling of our very own home which means that we can go totally casual in this very city!


Hira – I went with a pretty basic shirt that I got from almas.pk¬†(& OMG can we just take a moment out and appreciate them for making such cool shirts and retailing them in such affordable prices, Thankyou for letting us splurge! ) and paired it with my comfortable pair of black jeans and white sneakers. I mean I knew I’d be running around the entire time so why not toss some comfortable shoes on?


Hemayal – For the second look I opted for formal pants and a buttoned shirt that I got from Mango. I went for sneakers instead of heels as I had to run around and manage alot of things!


Karachi event 3 –


Hira – I decided to mix a little chic & casual for my very last look with black formal pants and a white formal crop jacket from Quiz. In between both of these formals I wore a basic T shirt that said ‘Girl Pride’ which I got from Mango again & I ABSOLUTELY LOVE it for its text. I went for a very glow-y makeup look and a nude lip color and just to add a little pop of color to my monochrome look I went for pink pump heels.


Hemayal – For the final look I went for the easiest option, a jumpsuit! Yes a jumpsuit! I know a lot of you have been asking me where I got my top from but it is actually a jumpsuit and I got it from Quiz a day before we went to Karachi. To complete the look I wore red pump heels.

batch_22281239_10155692345830350_1961347906_o4G8A86524G8A8642I hope you guys liked our looks! have a good day. x

Kayseria x Bhari Eid

As impending Eid-ul-Adha approaches the fret of what to wear multiplies and by so many brands all over the place, choosing the ‘perfect look’ part gets very difficult. Therefore, to simplify things down we decided to unleash the looks we have chosen to rock, this Eid!

So guys, embrace yourselves to have a look at Kayseria‘s delightfully charming and enthralling Eid Pret Collection.

This Collection exhibits the art of fancy florals and ethnic Indian patterns with great aesthetic pleasure of embroidery work. Decorated with classic accents of Gota and Tilla, along with hand embroideries, the detailing and carefully crafted cuts are sure to steal the spotlight everywhere you go.

Look 1-

sdfihskdjfn,uhshkfd,WhatsApp Image 2017-08-29 at 8.15.21 PM

I opted for a lime green cotton net kurta adorned with embroidery and trendy straight pants with moti beads separating the bottom 1/4. Along with that, I wore sea green tussle earrings which according to me go perfectly with my look.
You can buy this article online from HERE.

Look 2-

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I went for the red/orange family coloured kurta with wide sleeves end and I ¬†paired it with white bell bottoms with a patch of embroided chiffon at the bottom. To compliment my look, I went for very classic & ethnic ‘afghan styled earrings’.
You can buy this article online from HERE.

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Boasting a diverse color palette including the staple Blacks and feisty Reds, youthful Pinks and Blues, this Eid Collection is a star studded event that you wouldn’t want to miss!¬†

Almirah #FestiveFrenzy

I believe most of you think that Almirah only stocks eastern wear that consists of embroidered shalwar/kameez or Kurta’s but you’re all wrong, just like we were before we raided Almirah’s store located in Giga Mall.

We were shook by the embellished shirts and monochrome trousers they had in stock to pull off a complete western look.¬†Coming from a profession that involves attending events all the time, we face a lot of trouble finding the perfect white/black/plain shirts & trousers that the others aren’t wearing or haven’t worn already (lol) , thanks to Almirah we found the perfect spot to shop these items from now onwards. Don’t believe us? See these items for yourself.



Screen Shot 2017-08-27 at 4.48.49 PM

Screen Shot 2017-08-27 at 4.48.10 PM

Screen Shot 2017-08-27 at 4.47.45 PM
Told you!

Don’t worry they also have the traditional wear that we all seem to love & the best part is that their eastern wear is of both categories; they have plain white & black kurtas for people who don’t like to go out of their comfort zones & they also have heavily embellished and embroidered kurtas for those who love experimenting with their looks. Here are a few articles for you guys to see;


Here are the looks we tried while we were at the store ;

Look #1
WhatsApp Image 2017-08-27 at 5.12.15 PMhiraaa
WhatsApp Image 2017-08-27 at 5.15.15 PM.jpeg

The most attractive thing about this dress were the sleeves, I absolutely loved them specially the fact that they have another pair of sleeves attached to them which makes it super comfortable to move your hands here and there & not to forget that fancy embellishment on the sleeves! The gharara pants are everyones favorite these days, I love baggy and flow-y clothes so that I can make boomerangs in them, hehe. Shirt: 6450/- Gharara pants: 2650/-
Look #2

WhatsApp Image 2017-08-27 at 5.15.44 PMWhatsApp Image 2017-08-27 at 5.20.04 PMWhatsApp Image 2017-08-27 at 5.20.15 PM

I choose this simple black shirt and tried it out with two different bottoms. The shirt was perfect to pair with absolutely anything, it had a longer back side short front. ¬†The reason I wen’t with a white embellished trouser first was to create a monochrome look. I paired the same shirt with this cool dhoti type shalwar making it more of an ethnic outfit. I loved the minimalistic details on the shirt though it was very plain and simple but as they say once you go black you cannot go back.

Hope you guys liked these looks!

Mascara Galore!

For us Mascara is the most BASIC & IMPORTANT part of creating any makeup look, wether its a full on drag queen makeup or just your everyday no makeup look. A mascara is the one thing that can make or break the whole look.

It doesn’t only make your eyes look more awake and wide but also changes your entire look with just one application but it all depends on the which mascara you use. So, here are a few of our fav mascaras which might help you pick the one that best suits your needs.
WhatsApp Image 2017-07-06 at 5.09.54 PM


Starting with our personal fav one Super Model Mascara from Sivanna. It is a dual side mascara with a fibre and a mascara side. First you coat your lashes with mascara and then apply the fibre and then again seal the fibre with the mascara. Why I LOVE this mascara is because it makes your lashes thinker longer and DARKER than any regular mascara. The curved mascara wand beautifully grabs all the lashes in one go. So, for us it is the Best one out of these but if you are someone who does not like clumpy (because it does clump a little) lashes then this bad boy is clearly not for you.
WhatsApp Image 2017-07-06 at 5.43.28 PM


  1. Fibre coat
  2. Makes eyelashes thicker longer and darker as compared to any other mascara
  3. Dual side
  4. Curved wand


  1. Makes lashes clumpy
  2. Not easily available in Pakistan
  3. Slight fall out
  4. Not waterproof

Better Than Sex by Too Faced is all the rage in the mascara world and we vouch for its excellence!  The credit for this mascara goes to its balled tip wand which makes it easier to cover the tiny lashes at the corners of both the end and the beginning of your lashes. It gives you fuller/darker lashes without them clumping or looking any extra, its the most natural looking mascara that cover almost all your lashes due to its well sorted wand. It is not waterproof but they have a waterproof version launched as well.


  1. Balled tip
  2. thickens lashes


  1. Not waterproof

The next mascara we are going to talk about is a very pocket friendly one. It is one of the best drug store mascara out there Volume Million Lashes by Loreal. It has a cone taper wand which separates your lashes and elongates them and makes sure the focus is on your lashes! The best part is that this one doesn’t clump, so its a win win situation!

WhatsApp Image 2017-07-06 at 5.43.30 PM


  1. Cone taper wand
  2. separates the eyelashes
  3. elongates them


1. Not as dark in color

Clinique’s chubby lash mascara works exactly the way its name suggests, its a fattening mascara that adds volume to your lashes by the help of its¬†oversized volumizing brush. It is a buildable formula so you can go to any extent with it without it clumping your lashes.
WhatsApp Image 2017-07-07 at 5.41.13 PM

1. Lightweight
2. Builable
3. Volumizing

1. Not waterproof

Bad Gal lash by benefit is another volumizing big brush mascara but this one tends to get a little messy while applying, other than that its a good option for a matte black buildable mascara.

WhatsApp Image 2017-07-06 at 5.43.32 PM


  1. Buildable


  1. Gets messy

Let us know if you try one of these mascaras. Hope this post was helpful, do share your favorite mascara with us! Xx


Yalghaar (Review): heavily invested in, but was it worth it?

We attended Yalghaar’s premiere at CineGold Plex thanks to HumPR & Constantine events , it was one hell of a star studded event but it wasn’t crowded like the usual, I must say that it was a very well managed event.

Here’s our take on the movie;

With the star-studded cast, fancy equipment and the controversy of the biggest star (Shaan Shahid) missing from the scene/movie promotions the movie has been getting  a lot of attention lately.


It was a great initiative to show how hard the Army works for us and to give a little insight about their life outside the battlefield but we believe that the idea of incorporating so many stories could have been executed a little better, nonetheless we enjoyed the punjabi jokes every now and then.

The graphics and the equipment being on point clearly made up for the cost of the movie, but despite the on point visual effects there were somethings that bugged us.


The first person/thing to put us off was Ayesha Omer, she being a well known name according to us deserved a bigger/better role in the movie with atleast more than 6 dialogues, high time girls are used for more than just a decoration piece.

Sana Bucha on the other side still stood out with her acting skills and dialogue delivery not that she got more time to be on the screen, but whenever she was there she said something worth our while.


We understand an expensive movie deserves a heavy sponsorship but that clearly doesn’t mean that the entire movie is supposed to be based on Bank Alfalah and the debit/credit services it offers. If it were on us we would have snatched that card from Bilal Ashraf’s hand if he used it one more time.

Nonetheless we think it was a great effort, not to forget how beautiful Uzma Khan looked in every scene. We’re all for Pakistani cinema, hence we would love to see more and better work from our cinema!

Here are a couple of images of us from the premiere:

Eid Looks ’17

Eid is just around the corner and with it arises the question of what/who to wear this Eid? With so many brands launching their Eid/Summer 1 2 3 90 collection every now and then we wanted to make the choice easier for you and hence we collaborated with¬†Kayseria,¬†Concept One Studios¬†&¬†Faiza’s Salon¬†to bring some Eid looks your way.

Adorned with embroidered Indian floral motifs, cross stitch and tilla work, the unstitched range explores the intricacies of the crafted favorites. It’s the perfect collection for those who like to play with embroidered patterns and like to add their own unique sense of styling to their Eid Outfit.

As our favorites were more in number we decided to further collaborate with U&K  and Aisha S to bring you these stunning outfits that we styled for Eid;

We decided to take a girls day out while flaunting our favorite outfits, whats better than a little tea party when you’re dressed all fancy?

Look # 1
Blogger: Kashaf
Photography: Concept One Studios
Makeup: Faizas Salon
Kashuf styled this kurta with a crushed sharara and to complete the super desi look  she went for lose curls, a hot pink lip and glowing skin. To buy this outfit online, click here.

Look #2
Blogger: Umara
Photography: Concept One Studios
Makeup: Faizas Salon 


Umara on the other hand chose to style this kurta with a shalwar and pair of khussas. She opted for minimal makeup and a red lip color to keep the focus on the dress rather than her makeup. You can buy this article online from here.

Look # 3
Blogger: Aisha
Photography: Concept One Studios
Makeup: Faizas Salon 

IMG_0196 (1)IMG_0198IMG_0202
Aisha being a super cool hijabi blogger was the first one to get ready as she saves the hair do time. She opted for blue/purple heels that complimented her 3 piece suit. The makeup she went for was minimal with a pink lip and pink smoked out eye. You can buy this article online from here.

Look #4
Blogger : Hemayal

IMG_0442IMG_0444IMG_0434 (1)I went for straight hair and little twisted braids as this time around I wanted to try something different. To match the dress I went for a orange lip and a little pop of green color under the eye. Tossed a pair of nude heels to complete the entire look! You can buy this article online from here.

Look #5

I don’t think I can ever get over white, I choose this white peplum top adorned with embroidered Indian floral motifs and paired it with sharara pants and a plain white embroidered chiffon dupatta. The look I had in mind was a very subtle glow-y one and this is basically why I went for minimal makeup and a nude lipcolor. I’m wearing embroideried peach khussas which you can’t see but trust me they went well with the embroidery on the shirt, lol. Not to forget the earrings that are by Kayseria aswell, they’ve got some really fun accessories so do check them out! Click¬†here¬†to buy this outfit.

Hope you guys liked this post, have fun shopping for Eid!

Mother’s Day at Faiza’s Salon

You can never thank your¬†Mother enough for what she has done for you¬†but you¬†¬†can always try taking care of her¬†and we know that one day isn’t enough but if it makes her¬†happy then why not?

This Mother’s Day we were invited to¬†Faiza’s Salon¬†to pamper our Mother along with a couple of other bloggers and their Mothers.¬†We believe all Mothers deserve a good old¬†massage after all the errands they run every day.

It was a fun evening spent gossiping and catching up with other bloggers while our mothers got the special treatment that they deserve.

The mothers got a complimentary facial, manicure and pedicure, which according to our mom was pretty relaxing and it was exactly what she needed on a day off from work.
The staff being super friendly and cooperative as always spoiled us with hot/cold beverages while the mothers got their services done.

We also got to meet the well known actress, Mariyam Nafees who showed up with her mother at the event,  she was just as beautiful and sweet as she is on television.

Here are a few glimpses of the day;


Sometimes you’re so busy in the moment that you forget to capture it and we believe that clearly describes this very event! How did you guys spend Mother’s Day?

How to prepare for exams

Hi guys,

Sorry for being a little MIA but we were having our exams and it gets a little hectic maintaining your blog while studying.
Now that we’re done we decided to get back on track and as we just went through the exams preparation and stress phase we decided to bring some exam tips for you guys that helped us the most.


– Delete all of your social media accounts….just kidding, we’re certainly not the type of people who can cut ourselves from everywhere and just study study study, we believe in balancing our study and tagging each other in memes time. It actually freshens your mind a little, but if you can deactivate your accounts then you’re most welcomed.


– Keep yourself HYDRATED!!!¬†This is the most important tip guys, we all tend to get a little (A LOT; in our case) lazy and sleepy during exams and its mainly because we aren’t drinking enough water or getting enough sleep.


– This has to be Hemayal’s favorite tip; explain your answers to your siblings/parents or even to an imaginary person, whatever works in your case. You actually learn and remember stuff better when you explain it to others.


– Always make notes of your own or highlight important stuff so you can go through it and memorize it again in the very end.


– ALWAYS practice sample questions and sample papers so that you know how you’ll manage time during the paper and get a hold of the paper pattern.


– Sleep on time, even if its for a while but SLEEP as it helps you focus/concentrate better and stay fresh.

Hope these tips were helpful and if you have any other tips in mind then do share them with us below ūüôā

OOTD x Jahanara

The super hot weather deserves something easy breezy (light weight) and beautiful at the same time like the ‘Dream a Little Collection by Jahanara.

Jahanara launched its first lawn collection last year and with its first launch we knew it was going places. The designs, colors and material all are of top notch quality and they’ve kept the prices pretty economical ranging from 3,850-4,050.

This time around they came up with printed trousers paired with printed shirts which was a total yes for us, as we were getting sick of those plain old black, white and skin trousers with every other 3 piece lawn suit. The print on print suits are perfectly balanced with floral prints on shirts and geometrical prints on the trousers.

Don’t be scared there is something for everyone – If you like plain trousers then they still have those as well!

Here is what we choose to wear from the Dream a Little collection for a lunch;

Look – 1
You can buy this article online from here

Look – 2

You can buy this article online here.

A couple of our other favorites from the collection are;

You can check out more articles from their website by clicking here .
Hope you guys liked this post! Xx