Padmaavati Review!

We went to watch Padmaavat (Padmaavati as we would still like to call it) today & here’s our review, a bruetly honest one!

Ghoomar Padmaavati (Herandhem Review)

Lets state the facts first, we all know that the movie is shot beautifully & we didn’t expect anything less from Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s direction. The cinematic experience was one of its kind, a wild, intense & beautiful one! As most of the people had their doubts about how a Bollywood movie would look like in 3D but trust us it was simply mind blowing. We still wonder how much better it would have been if it wasn’t for the protests and riots.

The story of the movie was as strong as it could be & it showed the rich historical heritage of the Rajputs and an evil prince in the shape of Esa Khilji! The image of an evil prince was a tad bit over done, we personally think no human being can be this barbaric or at least we want to believe so.
There was a bit too much fur in the movie to show the evil side of khilji and his love for all things wild, but does one really need that much fur around them?

The acting of all the three lead actors was hands down one of their best performances so far! We heard people saying that Deepika can only act with Ranbir & Ranveer & that they missed a ‘chemistry’ but honestly the only think you guys miss is the acceptance of seeing Deepika work with anyone else other than the other two. She might have had lesser dialogues to prove her acting but her Body language & facial expressions spoke more than her words.

Padmaavati Review Herandhem

Ranveer pulled the charcter of the evil prince so well that he almost had us hating him. We’ve never seen him do an unorthodox role before and now that we have we personally think he can do any role!

Padmaavati Review Herandhem

Shahid again did complete justice to his role, he had the exact pride that any Rajput would have in his eyes and his dialogue delivery was just as amazing.

Coming to the ending, it was too strong and intense for our mind and & love for Deepika to digest. It was quite unexpected and pretty much left us confused & speechless nonetheless we would like to thank Sanjay Leela Bhansali for showing the world that women can be strong headed and that they can NOT be won over forcefully.

Padmaavati Review Herandhem

We would give this movie an 8/10 & would highly recommend everyone to watch it! Special thanks to #ConstantinePr for arranging a special screening for us at the Arena.

To Watch or Not to Watch VERNA!

We were invited by #ConstatinePR to watch Verna in Cinegold plex on this very weekend, we had an amazing time watching the movie with some popcorns because you always need something to munch on. The evening ended with some fancy pastas, steaks & sandwiches from their gold restaurant.

Coming to the point — Is Verna worth a watch or not?

The movie revolves around two HUGE issues that not only occur in Pakistan but are troublesome in the entire world; Power abuse & Rape.


Verna is all about women empowerment, awareness and education but we personally think that you need a stronger cast to make a big influence or to portray even these three  things & despite Mahira giving her all we think the acting of all the other stars was not upto the mark.


Verna gives a perfect picture of how unjust our Political system is from the top to the bottom and exactly how we should stand up for Power abuse. We would definitely want women to be strong as Sara, the one who can overcome her fear and fight for her rights and is able to fight for justice and let the powerfull people know that they can’t just get away from all their wrong doings.


Not that we didn’t love the sight of Mahira beating her husband up for accusing her of being involved with her rapist and hitting her we sort of feel that she recovered from the trauma a little too quickly, which isn’t really the case in real life. We in the first place wish that there weren’t any such incidents and that if there are any the survivors are as strong as Sara but the truth is that they really aren’t.


The ending was what put us off the most, it should have had a better/realistic ending & punishment for the culprits.


All in all, we would definitely recommend you to go and watch the movie as it has a more important message to it rather than just a story.

Rating : 8/10.

Yalghaar (Review): heavily invested in, but was it worth it?

We attended Yalghaar’s premiere at CineGold Plex thanks to HumPR & Constantine events , it was one hell of a star studded event but it wasn’t crowded like the usual, I must say that it was a very well managed event.

Here’s our take on the movie;

With the star-studded cast, fancy equipment and the controversy of the biggest star (Shaan Shahid) missing from the scene/movie promotions the movie has been getting  a lot of attention lately.


It was a great initiative to show how hard the Army works for us and to give a little insight about their life outside the battlefield but we believe that the idea of incorporating so many stories could have been executed a little better, nonetheless we enjoyed the punjabi jokes every now and then.

The graphics and the equipment being on point clearly made up for the cost of the movie, but despite the on point visual effects there were somethings that bugged us.


The first person/thing to put us off was Ayesha Omer, she being a well known name according to us deserved a bigger/better role in the movie with atleast more than 6 dialogues, high time girls are used for more than just a decoration piece.

Sana Bucha on the other side still stood out with her acting skills and dialogue delivery not that she got more time to be on the screen, but whenever she was there she said something worth our while.


We understand an expensive movie deserves a heavy sponsorship but that clearly doesn’t mean that the entire movie is supposed to be based on Bank Alfalah and the debit/credit services it offers. If it were on us we would have snatched that card from Bilal Ashraf’s hand if he used it one more time.

Nonetheless we think it was a great effort, not to forget how beautiful Uzma Khan looked in every scene. We’re all for Pakistani cinema, hence we would love to see more and better work from our cinema!

Here are a couple of images of us from the premiere:

7 Reasons Why You Should Watch Janaan!

Hi guys,

So, We saw Janaan lastweek and ever since then people have been asking me for my reviews on it but we wanted to make this post more fun and didn’t really want to give any spoilers so we decided to give you guys the top 7 reasons to watch Janaan( according to us) and no its not just the very charming cast!

1- Pashto/Pakistani Culture
The movie revives the Pashto culture and shows the people living outside Pakistan that not all of us our terrorists and that our culture and country is all about peace, justice and spreading happiness/love. You’ll also find the cast wearing beautiful Pakistani dresses which will make you ditch your jeans for the day! P.s: there are subtitles for all those people like me who don’t understand Pashto!

2-Family Movie
We agree, the Pakistani Cinema has blossomed a lot, but we still think it lacks movies that you can watch with your entire family but Janaan has that all covered for you guys so you can bring your abu, ami, chacha, chachi all along & watch this fun family movie.

3- Breaking Stereotypes
We know you will all hate me for this but this movie is all about breaking stereotypes and its not the guy who proposes but it’s our very own Armeena Khan, GO Meenaaaaa, show them how it’s done girl!

4-Guest Appearance
Did you guys know that the movie holds a special guest appearance by the sweetheart of the drama industry who is also the producer of the film Janaan; Hareem Farooq! You’ll also find the writer, producer & director sharing the screen space in the movie aswell. (Osman Khalid Butt, Imran Kazmi, Azfer Jafferi)

5- Bromance
Who doesn’t like to see a little bromance coming from such hot guys? Don’t take us wrong though, this scene literally had us in tears.

6- Sherya Goshal & Armaan Malik
We have to admit that the title song of the movie is very catchy and is on our most played list these days, but did you know that it was sung by the most followed singer from India; Sherya Goshal accompanied by Armaan Malik?

7- Nayyer Ejaz
We always thought that the villain of the movie will be one of the guys as the trailers had us thinking that this is just another love triangle, but there is so much more to the movie and Nayyer Ejaz has done an amazing job acting as Ikramullah. I won’t spoil the movie  for you but i’d like for you guys to go and see the movie your ownself as it talks about a great cause that needs awareness.

Do let us know what you guys think of Janaan?