Surprise Birthday Party!

I’m sure you all know by now that I always give Hemayal a surprise birthday party a couple of days before or after her actual birthday. 

This time around I told her 2 days after her birthday that we need to go for a meeting and fortunately we had an event to attend the very same night which means that she’ll be ready so that I don’t have to hear that she wasn’t ready for the pictures for the rest of my life, lol.

I took her to BLT where our friends had already organized everything with the help of Dream Creations Islamabad.

I called Sobia (Owner of Dream Creations) a night before the birthday since everything was very last minute and she literally took control of EVERYTHING. I told her to decorate the table whatever way she likes it & I think that was the best decision ever since the balloons, flowers, decoration pieces, backdrop, Lights, everything was P E R F E C T. 





Thanks to Hashir the photographs do absolute justice to the decor and how they looked in real life. Thankyou for capturing everything so beautifully.

WhatsApp Image 2019-03-06 at 7.50.49 PM

WhatsApp Image 2019-03-06 at 7.50.50 PM

WhatsApp Image 2019-03-06 at 12.58.53 AM

WhatsApp Image 2019-03-06 at 7.52.43 PM




The cake was from Old Town Coffee & Cake which our friend, Laraib, bought & it was D E L I C I O U S.


Do you like planning birthday surprises? Let us know in the comments section below.

How I planned a Birthday Surprise!

It’s really hard to plan a surprise birthday party when you’re a desi person who lives, goes out, breaths and sleeps with the person they’re planning the surprise for & it gets 5x more difficult while inviting everyone on the same day and time because everyone has their very own curfew days and times. Guess that’s just what makes it more challenging and fun!

Here’s how I planned Milo’s Surprise Birthday Party ( someone had to make up for her pampering me all the time).

Step #1 Venue
Its super hard to choose a venue specially when you live in the twin cities as half of the people find Islamabad more convenient and half of them find Rawalpindi more convenient.

We (her friends & I)  went back and forth deciding wether to do it somewhere out or on our rooftop & we FINALLY agreed on throwing the birthday at 10 eleven lounge (Street 22, F8/2 Islamabad). It’s a beautiful place which consists of live bbq, bonfire, open sitting place with sheds on top. It was just the type of place we had in mind & thanks to Zeeshan we faced no difficulty in booking it.


Step #2 Decor
After deciding the place its time to design the decor & OMG THE OPTIONS AND IDEAS ARE UNLIMITEDDDD but they also tend to get expensive at times. Since I was away on work it was really difficult for me to meet event managers for the decor so I decided to settle for the last minute balloon decor & it pretty much did the job.

Step #3 Menu
A birthday is all about the food and thats basically the most difficult part to decide, Khana Kya hai bhai? It’s really hard to satisfy everyone when it comes to food but we desi’s always have a way out and in this situation it was none other than the evergreen & delicious desi food platter + something light & non desi (sandwiches and fries) a perfect blend of the both Worlds.
WhatsApp Image 2018-03-08 at 10.35.54 PM

Cake –

As delicious as a fondant cake looks it always goes to waste so we always prefer a regular butter cream cake that looks and tastes beautiful & most importantly doesn’t go to waste.

Step #4 Photographer 
Ab sab tyar houn aur tasweerain na houn? C’mon now! Without questioning myself or anyone I straightaway called Ali from the photoneers and Wallah my photography tension was solved & thanks to the photoneers our pictures turned out just the way we wanted!
WhatsApp Image 2018-03-08 at 10.35.53 PM

Real Question – Did Hemayal get surprised? See it for yourself ;)

Hope this blogpost was helpful and gave you some ideas for the birthday surprise you’re planning for! 🙂

What we wore on Keune Care Treatment Sessions

Hello, guys 💕

We’re super sorry for not updating you guys here on the blog but we’ve been extremely busy organising and attending Keune Care events & now that we’re finally done with them we decided to bring you guys all the fun outfits we wore to all the 3 days of the event.

So basically we had 3 event in 3 cities being Lahore, Islamabad & Karachi & here’s what we wore to each one of them ;

Lahore event 1 –

Lahore being the hub of all the designers puts you in the position of dressing your best as that’s what everyone around you is doing.

We both wore pieces from Erum Khan Couture on the first event .

Hira – I wore this navy blue suit from their mantra collection with a tank top to add a little touch of myself to it and to make sure I don’t look petite in the full navy blue look. I went for minimal makeup and my usual straight hair with a middle partition.


Hemayal – The whole look was created around the long kimono that I got from Erum Khan’s Mantra collection, as the kimino did all the talking I kept everything else pretty simple – A basic white top and a pair of jeans that say ‘bad girls dont cry’. I opted for black kitten heels to complete the look.


Islamabad event 2 –

Islamabad being our hometown gives us the feeling of our very own home which means that we can go totally casual in this very city!


Hira – I went with a pretty basic shirt that I got from (& OMG can we just take a moment out and appreciate them for making such cool shirts and retailing them in such affordable prices, Thankyou for letting us splurge! ) and paired it with my comfortable pair of black jeans and white sneakers. I mean I knew I’d be running around the entire time so why not toss some comfortable shoes on?


Hemayal – For the second look I opted for formal pants and a buttoned shirt that I got from Mango. I went for sneakers instead of heels as I had to run around and manage alot of things!


Karachi event 3 –


Hira – I decided to mix a little chic & casual for my very last look with black formal pants and a white formal crop jacket from Quiz. In between both of these formals I wore a basic T shirt that said ‘Girl Pride’ which I got from Mango again & I ABSOLUTELY LOVE it for its text. I went for a very glow-y makeup look and a nude lip color and just to add a little pop of color to my monochrome look I went for pink pump heels.


Hemayal – For the final look I went for the easiest option, a jumpsuit! Yes a jumpsuit! I know a lot of you have been asking me where I got my top from but it is actually a jumpsuit and I got it from Quiz a day before we went to Karachi. To complete the look I wore red pump heels.

batch_22281239_10155692345830350_1961347906_o4G8A86524G8A8642I hope you guys liked our looks! have a good day. x

Mother’s Day at Faiza’s Salon

You can never thank your Mother enough for what she has done for you but you  can always try taking care of her and we know that one day isn’t enough but if it makes her happy then why not?

This Mother’s Day we were invited to Faiza’s Salon to pamper our Mother along with a couple of other bloggers and their Mothers. We believe all Mothers deserve a good old massage after all the errands they run every day.

It was a fun evening spent gossiping and catching up with other bloggers while our mothers got the special treatment that they deserve.

The mothers got a complimentary facial, manicure and pedicure, which according to our mom was pretty relaxing and it was exactly what she needed on a day off from work.
The staff being super friendly and cooperative as always spoiled us with hot/cold beverages while the mothers got their services done.

We also got to meet the well known actress, Mariyam Nafees who showed up with her mother at the event,  she was just as beautiful and sweet as she is on television.

Here are a few glimpses of the day;


Sometimes you’re so busy in the moment that you forget to capture it and we believe that clearly describes this very event! How did you guys spend Mother’s Day?

Premier Beauty Forum 2017

An exclusive unveiling of Premier Beauty Forum 2017 took place today at L’AUBERGE–Lebanese Restaurant at Faletti’s Restaurant. The event was attended by many make up pros,renowned beautician, brands head/owners, beauty bloggers and journalists.

For the first time ever in Pakistan, such kind of beauty forum is happening in Pakistan which is organized by Pink Lotus (the creative agency). PBF2017 is a two day event that will held on 5th & 6th May 2017 at Royal Palm Golf & Country Club, Lahore where one can find leading companies in beauty, skin care, spa, nails, beauty equipment, international distributors/franchise,aesthetics doctors, wellness centers, and fitness centers, apparels designers, showbiz celebrities and general public.

Speaking about the PBF2017 at Press Lunch Break, Mrs. Sobia Faraz, CEO Pink Lotus said, “At Premier Beauty Forum our endeavour is to bring the industry together to learn about upcoming trends and spread education regarding latest techniques and product awareness to further accelerate the growth of this incredible sector.”

The key feature of the forum is to setup your customized stalls, side-by- side with industry competitors and, to display the product line/range to a wide audience. The special feature of the forum is the live demonstration stage with selective brands participating also there will be a beauty trend show titled ‘ Premier Beauty Runway’ in which established and upcoming beauticians will be showcasing hair and makeup looks for summer 2017.

Industry’s top aesthetics doctor Dr Zarqa will be conducting a skin care workshop, In makeup session Master Make up Class is offered by one of the best and multi-talented makeup maestro, Ather Shahzad and much more.

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An evening with Bioderma

Hi, guys

As you all know that we attended the Bioderma product launch in Islamabad recently, we decided to share some highlights of the event with you and introduce the product to you like it was introduced to us.

The event was basically a hi-tea at Tuscany courtyard which started with the brief introduction of the company and their theory behind the brand. They gave us informative insights on how the products are made and how good they’re for your skin.  The product of the day was the water based makeup remover; sensibioH2O.


We were taught the right way to remove makeup through a detailed and we must say a very informative video which helped us in understanding the product and making the best use of it. If you follow the steps in the video you’ll be able to remove your makeup without leaving any trace of it!


Later we were given to test the product then and there and were told to give reviews, it was a funny moment because we all thought that we’d have to remove our makeup but thank God for the lipsticks we always carry in our bags and our ever ready canvas ( back of the hand) on which we test them.
The event winded up after the Hi-tea, a very delicious and scrumptious hi-tea and a little lucky draw that took place for the bloggers present at the event. The prize was a bag of products from Bioderma it self and was won by Khadija, a fellow blogger and good friend.

We’ve tested a couple of products from Bioderma as they were given to us in a form of a goody bag and our favorite one till date is the water based makeup remover. It’s a lifesaverrrr  for lazy or to put it in good words busy girls likes us 😉 No need of getting up and washing your face guys when you’re super tired, you can take your makeup off in a jiffy with this miracle product!  Here’s a picture of all of us Islamabad Bloggers at the event 😀

Hope you guys liked this post!

Fall in LOVE with yourself x Faiza’s Salon

Right before Valentine’s day, we and a couple of other bloggers where invited to Faiza’s Salon to get our selves pampered because you know what they say, ‘You can’t love others until you love yourself first’ and pampering yourself is the first rule of loving yourself.

The evening started off with a brief introduction of the event and Faiza as a beautician, we were all offered a variety of services to choose from and we choose the very much relaxing Manicure/Pedicure and a bond fusion treatment which was pretty much needed for our color treated hair.

Mouthwatering valentine special cupcakes and cookies were served along with other delicious bite size snacks to spoil us. Oh, not to forget the complimentary coffee/chai services that were offered every now and then.


The mani/pedi was extremely relaxing thanks to the amazing massages which left our hands and feet feeling supper clean and happy.


Bond fusion hair treatment by Keune was all our hair needed to repair it’s bonds due to the color treatments and hair styling, it definitely left our hair more moisturized and softer!

We were also breifed about other hair treatments that Keune offers like the So Pure treatment that is made out  off all organic ingredients. Faiza also gave us some make-up tips while doing a makeover by using Stageline products.

For us it was a perfect event and it sure made us fall in love with Faiza, Keune, Stageline and more importantly ourselves. The event ended with a tremendous amount of pictures which we’ll be sharing with you guys below and goody bags which were unboxed on our snapchat @Hirableeh & @Miloattique

Wedding Day Struggles

It’s easy for people to say that you should get married as soon as you cross 23 but getting married ISN’T EASY and the struggles are not only about finding the perfect guy/girl but they are much more complicated…

It’s about finding the perfect place, event planner, designer, caterer , makeup artist and what not.. the list just keeps on going on. How difficult is it to drive all day long going from one place to another & simultaneously make calls just to find the best of everything for your special day. Specially when weddings have become a competition and everyone’s init to win it with the most extravagant decor & never ending functions *sigh* as much as we want this ‘trend’ to end we can only hope that it does.

Dyansty events decided to put your worries to an end by bringing you the Bridal Expo 2017; the biggest Wedding expo in Islamabad . There were a variety of stalls of photographers, event planners, designers, makeup artists, caterers, rent a cars and jewelry designers. It was a perfect place for all the bride/grooms and vendors/start ups to be at.

With Tauseeq Haider being the chief guest and Hareem Farooq making a special guest appearance the event had it all; dance performances, bridal shows, free makeovers, photographers roaming around offering some free services and most importantly FREE CUPCAKESS!!!


Faislabad x Aleez Launch

Hey, guys

On 15th October we attended our very first event in Faislabad which was the opening of Aleez; an ethnic formal/semi-formal wear brand, located in 2 Burj Plaza, Koh.e.noor city, Faislabad.

Before we go into reviewing the launch we would just like to say that we were absolutely overwhelmed by the response we got from everyone in Faislabad, We genuinely had no idea that we had so many followers there, thank you guys, you’re all amazing.

Now, coming to launch! It was a pretty soft opening with less media & societies and more walk in customers who were offered sweets, drinks & not to forget the FLAT 30% DISCOUNT ( Don’t worry guys, the discount is still on till the 20th).
We were shocked to see how the sales actually started way before the store even opened with the customers coming in and putting their favorite suits on hold. You, faislabadi’s are some real shopaholics, keep it that way! 😉

Aleez is a perfect place to get clothes for functions, dinners & WEDDINGS ( has to be in bold as it is the ultimate wedding season). They have a variety of intricately embroidered, embellished & beaded chiffon, karandi & net both stitched and unstitched suits to make you stand out at every event!


Experiencing #PLBW’16 from the Inside!

Hey, guys!

So as many of you know that we attended the PLBW’16 that took place in Lahore from the 28th to the 30th of September, it might be a tad bit late to post about it now but in our defense we would just like to say that our university started & you guys know the rest..

Before reviewing the collections we would like to give a little inside view to those who asked us about our experience in the form of these points that summed up the bridal week for us.

 -Black Carpet
As soon as you enter the hall/marquee/destination of the event you’re welcomed to the black carpet that is filled with all the celebrities & A listers that you usually see on your social media feeds and you’re … starstruck/confused because you don’t know  if you should pose for your own pictures or take their pictures first lol. It’s a little hustle bustle there but you eventually learn how to go about it like we did on the 2nd & 3rd day. Hats off to all of you guys who attend all of these events & are still not ready to leave the black carpet till the very last moment, don’t know how you guys do it, but great job.

-Seating Melodrama
What is an event without a little melodrama? Every day, literally everyday we saw a hoity toity arguing to be in the front row & many people squeezing in together with their ‘friends’ just to be among the ones in the front, God bless you all but everything was visible from all angles. We salute those organizers from Lotus that handled all of these cases every single day with a smile on their face!

After the seating is done we all get to relax & wear our huge glasses (in my case) & just enjoy the show….until you realize that you have a blog & that you’ve to post on Snapchat, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram & even Instagram stories now Goddamit. Trust us when we say this, those who have been doing it for long & for those who just started blogging isn’t easy, it takes in a lot of work & effort. But well, it all fades away when you get to see all those amazing collections on the runway.

Here are some of the highlights from the show;


Sania Maskatiya





Saira Shakira



Ali Xeeshan



Ali Xeeshan


Ali Xeeshan



Ali Xeeshan


The house of Kamiar Rokni



Saira Rizwan


Saira Rizwan


OOTD right to left – Zainab Salman – Saira Shakira – Kayseria

All in all we would like to say that it was an amazing experience, not every day do you get to see such breathtaking collections, so many fashionistas & girls contouring their abs in the washroom 😉