We were recently contacted by Fizza Zaidi, a girl who is just about to begin her university life. She’s been bullied for the majority of her life for being different and here’s what she’s had to say about it.

‘They said I am different.
They called me names, gave me labels,
They associated me with races I didn’t belong to.
They made me feel like I didn’t fit in.
They told me that I am full of imperfections.
They bullied me, ignored me and that made me feel like I was alone.
I began to isolate myself.
I began to change myself.
I dyed my hair from white to brown.
I changed the way I spoke from polite to loud.
But even that was not good enough.
I was still called names and was still labelled
I isolated myself again but this time I was not alone, I had anxiety to accompany me.
It took over me, destroyed me and ate all the tiny bits of confidence that I had left in me.
Until one day, I realized that the amount of melanin in one’s skin could not decide their worth.
I found grace in every skin color and embraced the white.
I realized that I was the kind of different you’d call ‘unique’.
That I am the only one who gets to decide who I am and where I belong.
That I am perfect with all my imperfections.
That I am a proud Albino
And that I am who I am’ – Fizza Zaidi


It’s about time we start accepting all kinds of people and make them feel comfortable. Fizza only wants acceptance and to create awareness towards the fact that it’s OKAY to be different, she doesn’t want anyone else to go through what she did.

If you want to write to us or bring awareness towards any other matter then do comment below or email us at

4 thoughts on “Albinism

  1. Some couple have significant hight some case 1 partnes dont feel comfortable publically as compared to other partner..they think ppl whishper behinde their back about mis match and hight i want you talk abot this too.


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