Padmaavati Review!

We went to watch Padmaavat (Padmaavati as we would still like to call it) today & here’s our review, a bruetly honest one!

Ghoomar Padmaavati (Herandhem Review)

Lets state the facts first, we all know that the movie is shot beautifully & we didn’t expect anything less from Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s direction. The cinematic experience was one of its kind, a wild, intense & beautiful one! As most of the people had their doubts about how a Bollywood movie would look like in 3D but trust us it was simply mind blowing. We still wonder how much better it would have been if it wasn’t for the protests and riots.

The story of the movie was as strong as it could be & it showed the rich historical heritage of the Rajputs and an evil prince in the shape of Esa Khilji! The image of an evil prince was a tad bit over done, we personally think no human being can be this barbaric or at least we want to believe so.
There was a bit too much fur in the movie to show the evil side of khilji and his love for all things wild, but does one really need that much fur around them?

The acting of all the three lead actors was hands down one of their best performances so far! We heard people saying that Deepika can only act with Ranbir & Ranveer & that they missed a ‘chemistry’ but honestly the only think you guys miss is the acceptance of seeing Deepika work with anyone else other than the other two. She might have had lesser dialogues to prove her acting but her Body language & facial expressions spoke more than her words.

Padmaavati Review Herandhem

Ranveer pulled the charcter of the evil prince so well that he almost had us hating him. We’ve never seen him do an unorthodox role before and now that we have we personally think he can do any role!

Padmaavati Review Herandhem

Shahid again did complete justice to his role, he had the exact pride that any Rajput would have in his eyes and his dialogue delivery was just as amazing.

Coming to the ending, it was too strong and intense for our mind and & love for Deepika to digest. It was quite unexpected and pretty much left us confused & speechless nonetheless we would like to thank Sanjay Leela Bhansali for showing the world that women can be strong headed and that they can NOT be won over forcefully.

Padmaavati Review Herandhem

We would give this movie an 8/10 & would highly recommend everyone to watch it! Special thanks to #ConstantinePr for arranging a special screening for us at the Arena.

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