To Watch or Not to Watch VERNA!

We were invited by #ConstatinePR to watch Verna in Cinegold plex on this very weekend, we had an amazing time watching the movie with some popcorns because you always need something to munch on. The evening ended with some fancy pastas, steaks & sandwiches from their gold restaurant.

Coming to the point — Is Verna worth a watch or not?

The movie revolves around two HUGE issues that not only occur in Pakistan but are troublesome in the entire world; Power abuse & Rape.


Verna is all about women empowerment, awareness and education but we personally think that you need a stronger cast to make a big influence or to portray even these three  things & despite Mahira giving her all we think the acting of all the other stars was not upto the mark.


Verna gives a perfect picture of how unjust our Political system is from the top to the bottom and exactly how we should stand up for Power abuse. We would definitely want women to be strong as Sara, the one who can overcome her fear and fight for her rights and is able to fight for justice and let the powerfull people know that they can’t just get away from all their wrong doings.


Not that we didn’t love the sight of Mahira beating her husband up for accusing her of being involved with her rapist and hitting her we sort of feel that she recovered from the trauma a little too quickly, which isn’t really the case in real life. We in the first place wish that there weren’t any such incidents and that if there are any the survivors are as strong as Sara but the truth is that they really aren’t.


The ending was what put us off the most, it should have had a better/realistic ending & punishment for the culprits.


All in all, we would definitely recommend you to go and watch the movie as it has a more important message to it rather than just a story.

Rating : 8/10.

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