Yalghaar (Review): heavily invested in, but was it worth it?

We attended Yalghaar’s premiere at CineGold Plex thanks to HumPR & Constantine events , it was one hell of a star studded event but it wasn’t crowded like the usual, I must say that it was a very well managed event.

Here’s our take on the movie;

With the star-studded cast, fancy equipment and the controversy of the biggest star (Shaan Shahid) missing from the scene/movie promotions the movie has been getting  a lot of attention lately.


It was a great initiative to show how hard the Army works for us and to give a little insight about their life outside the battlefield but we believe that the idea of incorporating so many stories could have been executed a little better, nonetheless we enjoyed the punjabi jokes every now and then.

The graphics and the equipment being on point clearly made up for the cost of the movie, but despite the on point visual effects there were somethings that bugged us.


The first person/thing to put us off was Ayesha Omer, she being a well known name according to us deserved a bigger/better role in the movie with atleast more than 6 dialogues, high time girls are used for more than just a decoration piece.

Sana Bucha on the other side still stood out with her acting skills and dialogue delivery not that she got more time to be on the screen, but whenever she was there she said something worth our while.


We understand an expensive movie deserves a heavy sponsorship but that clearly doesn’t mean that the entire movie is supposed to be based on Bank Alfalah and the debit/credit services it offers. If it were on us we would have snatched that card from Bilal Ashraf’s hand if he used it one more time.

Nonetheless we think it was a great effort, not to forget how beautiful Uzma Khan looked in every scene. We’re all for Pakistani cinema, hence we would love to see more and better work from our cinema!

Here are a couple of images of us from the premiere:

2 thoughts on “Yalghaar (Review): heavily invested in, but was it worth it?

  1. I’ll be straightforward, this movie is something I need to watch. This could very well be one of the best movies produced by the Pakistani cinema. Hence your review just strengthened the opinion to watch it.


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