How to prepare for exams

Hi guys,

Sorry for being a little MIA but we were having our exams and it gets a little hectic maintaining your blog while studying.
Now that we’re done we decided to get back on track and as we just went through the exams preparation and stress phase we decided to bring some exam tips for you guys that helped us the most.


– Delete all of your social media accounts….just kidding, we’re certainly not the type of people who can cut ourselves from everywhere and just study study study, we believe in balancing our study and tagging each other in memes time. It actually freshens your mind a little, but if you can deactivate your accounts then you’re most welcomed.


– Keep yourself HYDRATED!!! This is the most important tip guys, we all tend to get a little (A LOT; in our case) lazy and sleepy during exams and its mainly because we aren’t drinking enough water or getting enough sleep.


– This has to be Hemayal’s favorite tip; explain your answers to your siblings/parents or even to an imaginary person, whatever works in your case. You actually learn and remember stuff better when you explain it to others.


– Always make notes of your own or highlight important stuff so you can go through it and memorize it again in the very end.


– ALWAYS practice sample questions and sample papers so that you know how you’ll manage time during the paper and get a hold of the paper pattern.


– Sleep on time, even if its for a while but SLEEP as it helps you focus/concentrate better and stay fresh.

Hope these tips were helpful and if you have any other tips in mind then do share them with us below 🙂

One thought on “How to prepare for exams

  1. I think you covered almost all the tips pretty well; however i’ll drop in a few;
    Well, it depends on the exam you are going into and after obviously you have researched what sort of work you’d have to put in for that; then there comes the managing part and a few more things.

    1. KNOW YOUR LIMITS & KNOW YOUR STRENGTHs. This is the fi and foremost thing that every student needs to do, but unfortunately very rarely I have seen people doing that. You got to know your system, your body, and then test yourself, find YOUR optimum way of utilising those 3 pounds up there in you called BRAIN.

    2. Manage your time well. Break down your study sessions. Bring in a few naps in between (works wonders even if it’s just for like 20 minutes or so) if you are tired of constantly studying for hours.

    3. Obviously keep yourself hydrated; also most importantly have some snacks, like chocolates, crisps, vitamin water etc. by your side. Remember you need as much glucose as much you need water while you study.

    4. If you are bored by studying too much and feel sleepy or non-alert don’t forget to refrigerate some taurine+caffeine, for instance, redbull, rockstar, monster etc.

    5. EAT WELL. Have a bit of everything like carbs, proteins, fats and try to make healthy choices for yourself especially near to the exam.

    6. Stay away from distractions. If it’s insta, sc, fb etc that you use the most, doesn’t matter, once you start using it while you study, you won’t even notice how much invaluable time you’d miss out onn. Stay focused. TURN OFF YOUR PHONE.

    7. Ofcourse don’t go missing for the beautiful world that we live in lol Give yourself small but enough breaks to keep your social interactions intact.

    I really hope you guys do well in your exam. Best of Luck.

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