An evening with Bioderma

Hi, guys

As you all know that we attended the Bioderma product launch in Islamabad recently, we decided to share some highlights of the event with you and introduce the product to you like it was introduced to us.

The event was basically a hi-tea at Tuscany courtyard which started with the brief introduction of the company and their theory behind the brand. They gave us informative insights on how the products are made and how good they’re for your skin.  The product of the day was the water based makeup remover; sensibioH2O.


We were taught the right way to remove makeup through a detailed and we must say a very informative video which helped us in understanding the product and making the best use of it. If you follow the steps in the video you’ll be able to remove your makeup without leaving any trace of it!


Later we were given to test the product then and there and were told to give reviews, it was a funny moment because we all thought that we’d have to remove our makeup but thank God for the lipsticks we always carry in our bags and our ever ready canvas ( back of the hand) on which we test them.
The event winded up after the Hi-tea, a very delicious and scrumptious hi-tea and a little lucky draw that took place for the bloggers present at the event. The prize was a bag of products from Bioderma it self and was won by Khadija, a fellow blogger and good friend.

We’ve tested a couple of products from Bioderma as they were given to us in a form of a goody bag and our favorite one till date is the water based makeup remover. It’s a lifesaverrrr  for lazy or to put it in good words busy girls likes us 😉 No need of getting up and washing your face guys when you’re super tired, you can take your makeup off in a jiffy with this miracle product!  Here’s a picture of all of us Islamabad Bloggers at the event 😀

Hope you guys liked this post!

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