Hair Care

Hi, guys!

You know what they say, ‘Invest in your hair, It is the Crown that you never take off’ so today we’ll be sharing some affordable hair tips/treatments that are totally worth it. Summers are all about flaunting your hair with your favorite lawn jora so incase you’ve booked and received your fav lawn jora but failed in achieving voluminous, healthy hair then read below;

– Bond Fusion ( Keune hair treatment)4442_0465c
Color your hair without losing strength with the unique protein fusion system that bonds, builds and boosts the inner hair structure and gives you upto 5 x long lasting conditioning  and 43% less breakage. Your hair not only feels nourished and silky after the first wash but it strengthens the bonds for the later effects and this treatment is highly recommended for bleached/color treated hair. ( Treatment is available on all outlets of Faiza’s Saloon & Sobia’s Saloon)

Vatika Almond Oil
Oiling your hair is very important if you have dry hair as it always keeps your hair nourished and silky, my favorite is the Vatika Almond oil and i’ve been using it for more than 2 years now. I massage it onto my hair before every hair wash and rinse my hair thoroughly so that no oil is left in my hair.

I’ve mentioned this one before and i’ll keep mentioning it because it is the best DIY/totka for smooth hair growth; apply mayo on your hair, I merely apply it on the ends of my hair as they tend to get more dry, leave it for 10-15 mins and rinse. I promise that the odor goes away after the wash leaving your hair super smooth and silky.

So Pure
So pure is another treatment from Keune Pakistan designed to combat hair and scalp concerns whilst at the same time allowing you to enjoy a little me-time with a truly sensorial experience – a rejuvenating head massage combined with aromatherapy.
The so pure treatment is an all organic product treatment that repairs your hair without leaving any side effects.

Skin Deep Powerful Hair Oil

Skin deep is a an online based brand that makes 100% organic skin and hair products and like wise they’re hair oil is also an organic hair oil which is a mix of 4 carrier oils, lavender and rosemary essential oil that softens your hair and helps in reducing dryness/dandruff.

Do let us know if this post was helpful and don’t forget to tag us in pictures or posts if you try any of these treatments/tips out! Xx


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