Fall in LOVE with yourself x Faiza’s Salon

Right before Valentine’s day, we and a couple of other bloggers where invited to Faiza’s Salon to get our selves pampered because you know what they say, ‘You can’t love others until you love yourself first’ and pampering yourself is the first rule of loving yourself.

The evening started off with a brief introduction of the event and Faiza as a beautician, we were all offered a variety of services to choose from and we choose the very much relaxing Manicure/Pedicure and a bond fusion treatment which was pretty much needed for our color treated hair.

Mouthwatering valentine special cupcakes and cookies were served along with other delicious bite size snacks to spoil us. Oh, not to forget the complimentary coffee/chai services that were offered every now and then.


The mani/pedi was extremely relaxing thanks to the amazing massages which left our hands and feet feeling supper clean and happy.


Bond fusion hair treatment by Keune was all our hair needed to repair it’s bonds due to the color treatments and hair styling, it definitely left our hair more moisturized and softer!

We were also breifed about other hair treatments that Keune offers like the So Pure treatment that is made out  off all organic ingredients. Faiza also gave us some make-up tips while doing a makeover by using Stageline products.

For us it was a perfect event and it sure made us fall in love with Faiza, Keune, Stageline and more importantly ourselves. The event ended with a tremendous amount of pictures which we’ll be sharing with you guys below and goody bags which were unboxed on our snapchat @Hirableeh & @Miloattique

6 thoughts on “Fall in LOVE with yourself x Faiza’s Salon

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  2. Hi gurl,
    I just stumbled upon your blog and I absolutely loved your posts.. Hence, am nominating you in the little Bloggers recognition Award. Watch out for it on my blog in a day or two. Btw u are doing an amazing job.. keep shinning xo


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