Wedding Day Struggles

It’s easy for people to say that you should get married as soon as you cross 23 but getting married ISN’T EASY and the struggles are not only about finding the perfect guy/girl but they are much more complicated…

It’s about finding the perfect place, event planner, designer, caterer , makeup artist and what not.. the list just keeps on going on. How difficult is it to drive all day long going from one place to another & simultaneously make calls just to find the best of everything for your special day. Specially when weddings have become a competition and everyone’s init to win it with the most extravagant decor & never ending functions *sigh* as much as we want this ‘trend’ to end we can only hope that it does.

Dyansty events decided to put your worries to an end by bringing you the Bridal Expo 2017; the biggest Wedding expo in Islamabad . There were a variety of stalls of photographers, event planners, designers, makeup artists, caterers, rent a cars and jewelry designers. It was a perfect place for all the bride/grooms and vendors/start ups to be at.

With Tauseeq Haider being the chief guest and Hareem Farooq making a special guest appearance the event had it all; dance performances, bridal shows, free makeovers, photographers roaming around offering some free services and most importantly FREE CUPCAKESS!!!


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