The Honest Truths about being a Small Blogger

Can relate to this on so many levels!

I joined the blogging world in August 2016, and began posting during September after a year or two dabbling in and out of the idea of blogging. I have read blogs for quite a few years and I was under the impression that my blog would be on par with my favourite bloggers within a month of writing.

I set myself unrealistic goals, I read upon every blogging tips and hacks post and I read every website on how to increase traffic or how to earn enough money to make a living as soon as I was finished with university.

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  1. Hmmm good even I started in the same year but just do what u like and write what suits u. I am good here and try to see what every blogger writes and also comment instead of simply just liking the post without opening or reading.


  2. being a blogger to me is so great, i get to share ideas with others..i love it..i learn from them as well,,keep blogging..u have great posts,.i kust started blogging 2 months ago and i am so loving it

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