Hair Care Routine!

Hi, guys
A lot, like literally a lot of you have been asking us about our hair care products and trust me this post has been in the pipeline for a very long time so we apologize for the delay and hope that this post answers all of your questions!

I’d start from the type of hair we both have;

I, Hira, have straight hair naturally and my hair tends to get oily from the crown pretty quickly which means that i can’t skip washing my hair for more than a day and that’s how it should be for everyone as washing your hair daily is quite harmful if you keep in mind the amount of chemicals that are present in the shampoo and conditioners we use.

Hemayal on the other hand is blessed with curly hair and they’re more on the dry side.

We’ve been asked about the hair products we use quite a lot of times, so here are all the products we use;

Shampoo & Conditioner
We use the  L’oreal Professional Mythic Oil Shampoo & Masque, the entire mythic oil range nourishes your hair and makes it look more tamed & glossy.
The masque is pretty much to be treated as a conditioner and is to be applied on shampooed hair for about 2-3 minutes and rinsed for deeply nourished, super smooth and irresistibly silky hair. We bought both of these products from the Royli’s salon in Islamabad to be sure of their authenticity

Vatika Almond Hair Oil


Hemayal prefers using this oil before every wash as she has dry hair & according to her it leaves her hair more silky and that colored hair should not be washed without oiling them (yes, she lives by this mantra & scolds me every time I don’t oil my hair). You can clearly see how much she uses this by looking at the state of the almost empty bottle.

I, Hira, on the other hand prefer applying mayonnaise on my hair and as disgusting as it sounds it leaves your hair super silky and it also helps in hair growth so all those who can bear the smell should definitely give it a try. I leave the mayo  on for about 15-30 mins before taking a shower, don’t worry about the smell guys it goes away as soon as you wash your hair. (yes, im clearly more of a diy/desi totkay sort of a person)

L’Oreal Liss Unlimited


After washing our hair we apply this evening primrose oil that tends to tame your hair & makes it less frizzy (by less frizzy I mean not frizzy at all). I also tend to use it before styling my hair as it adds a shine in your hair & makes your hair easy to work with.

Mythic Oil

The last step to our hair care routine is to apply mythic oil, yes we apply the liss unlimited oil before we apply this one, we tend to work this one on the ends as they are always more dry compared to the roots. Applying this luxurious oil  on wet hair leaves your hair more nourished and adds a gorgeous sparkle to your hair!

We hope this answers all of your questions, these are all the products we use and you can clearly see that by the drained bottles. One last thing, yes we both often style our hair and here’s the link to the blog post we did on our hair color long ago as most of you can’t find it; Black to Blonde.

Do let us know what post would you like to see next? 🙂

11 thoughts on “Hair Care Routine!

  1. Amazing Article ..
    I really appreciate your work ..
    Please let me know what do you use on your skin after makeup that your skin glows so much … My face just looks so dull ..


  2. Hi there! I’ve to ask you about my lip colour that’s getting black. My lip color was pink but I don’t know why it’s getting black. Help if you know anything about it.


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