Shawl Mania

Raise your hand if your throat is as dry as the weather these days, Oh well, keeping the very common viral aside it’s time to take your shawls out ladiesssss (& even lads, because even they look super classy in shawls).

We girls here at Herandhem LOVE Shawls because most importantly they keep you warm and because they accentuate your outfit and make you look 10 x elegant and attractive than you already are. It is also an excellent accessory to hide what you’re wearing if you wrap it all around you like a blanket, I’m sure all you desi girls know this trick! šŸ˜‰

Kayseria was generous enough to let us experiment with their shawls and style them in different ways for you guys to see. The iconic wool blend and herring bone shawls are surely a symbol of luxury and finesse in printed versions that are multi purpose; feminine and evergreen.

I’m sure you guys rememberĀ UmaraĀ from ourĀ Independence dayĀ post and even if you don’t then its no big deal because you’ll see her slaying the shawl look with us in this very post!

Look 1-
You can shop this article onlineĀ here.

Look 2 –

You can shop this article onlineĀ here.

Look 3-

You can shop this articleĀ here.

We spotted this printed jacket with a matching scarf while we were at the Kayseria outlet and we couldn’t stop ourselves from trying it out so well…

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