Life at Uni #RootsIvy


Its been a while since we did a post which wasn’t related to beauty, fashion & movies and since we get so many questions on ‘what we do’ and ‘where we study’ we decided to give you guys a tour of our university ( the place where we’re usually at, when we’re not working)

We’ve already given you guys a tour of the other two campuses on Snapchat @hirableeh & @miloattique & we got a lot of questions related to that, so it’ll be easier if we answer your questions through this post.

Roots IVY University offers a variety of degrees in collaboration with Universities abroad like LSE, BPP & ISM are to name a few, the degrees include BSc Honors, BSc, HnD, LLB & BBA etc.

We’re both currently doing BSc from London School of Economics through Roots IVY and here’s how our campus looks like from the inside;

Conference Hall


Hnd Fashion Lab


For any further queries you can either leave a question below or contact Roots IVY University on facebook or Email them at


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