Subscription boxes & the hype!!!

Makeup subscription boxes are quite a thing now and I can’t say that I don’t love receiving them, I mean who doesn’t love a box full of surprises? I know I do!

So, today I bring to you another subscription box that i recently unboxed on my snapchat ( @miloattique & @hirableeh). It’s okay if you missed it on snapchat, this blogpost has it all covered for you.

Dazzbox was kind enough to send us their makeup subscription box for reviewing and here’s what the box consisted of;

1. Luscious Cosmetics Eyeshadow;
Perfect eyeshadow trio for achieving an entire eye look.

2. Heart & Home Candle
This Mangolia Blossom claims to last for a good 15hours and smells absolutely amazing.

3. Nishat Fashion Jewellery
All you need to complete your look.

4. Lindt Lindor milk chocolate
Who doesn’t love chocolates now?

5. NYX Soft matte lipcream
Okay, so this is what I loved the most, they sent us a Victoria Secret Lip gloss once they found out the nyx lipcream wasn’t original, not many people do that so a thumbs up for the service!

Coming back to the subscription box hype, i think its a fantastic idea and it really makes one eager and excited to receive their box but i think its very important to keep in mind that you give the customers a cut down of how much they’re spending and how much does each product cost for, like Dazz box did;

It is also very important to make sure that all the products in the box are worth using and fall in the category you’re placing the box in.

You can order your Dazzbox from

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