Florals vs Plain

Hi, guys

Today’s post is all about YOU! Yes, you read that right, its all about what you prefer and like.
There are always 2 kinds of people in the World those who like Pokemon Go and those who don’t, those who watch GOT on Mondays and those who watch Man Mayal, those who like androids and those who like IOS and the list goes on.. but, the question is ‘What kind of a person are you?’

What do you like? Florals? Or Plain Clothes?
Sit back and enjoy our floral vs plain clothes journey and let us know what kind of a person you are?



Top – Kayseria. Bag – Outfitters



Top – Kayseria. Scarf – The rack.


Take 2

The clothes and the background are different but the question is still the same, ‘what kind of a person are you?’

Floral Kurta – 3590

Kayseria – Embroideried straight pants – 1050

Kayseria- Red Embellished Shirt -4800


Shalwar with Gota Work – 1990

You can share your type/answer/preference in the comments section below or on Facebook/Instagram.

Hope you guys liked this post! ❤

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