Black to Blonde!

Hi guys!

Most of you who follow us on Instagram and Snapchat know that we recently got our hair dyed, in other words, our Mother finally allowed us to dye our hair, hehe. We both got our hair dyed by Nazish Bangash; L’oreal Educationist, at Royce by Sabeen Sajjad located in Bahria Phase 7.

I had virgin black hair and I wanted a little change so here’s what I went for;




In process

WhatsApp-Image-20160713 (1)
I went for a blonde color with a contouring technique by which the sides of my hair are lighter in shade compared to the center of my hair/head. ( The pictures are unedited). 717 & 811 Loreal are the exact shades.

Here’s a picture of my hair after a couple of washes ;

I, on the other hand already had color treated hair in the form of highlights but this time I wanted a completely different look so I opted for bronze blonde hair which Nazish & Sabeen decided to do in a sunkissed and balayage mixed technique

WhatsApp-Image-20160714 (1)


WhatsApp-Image-20160714 (2)

In process

WhatsApp-Image-20160714 (3)

Final Result.

The staff was extremely cooperative and well trained, thankyou for the look we wanted, Sabeen & Nazish!

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