Things you need this Eid!

With the arrival of this Holy Month of Ramadan not only do we revive our Iman but we also start preparing for Eid and I, being the helpful little person that I am, will help make your Eid struggles a little easier.

We’re all aware of how hard it is to find the perfect shoes, suits, bags and matching accessories but I have it all covered for you this time, yes, i’ve done all the nasty research to line up the essentials you need this Eid to bring out the diva inside of you!

Everyone wants to look their best on Eid so that they can drop the perfect Eid selfie 😉 and
the first step to looking good is feeling good and dressing good so here are our fav Eid collections;







Our favorite and not unnecessarily hyped about Eid collections are from Kayseria, Cross Stitch & Baroque. The material and the designs of all three of them are amazing and all of them also have running online stores which will make your shopping less hectic and easy in these hot summer days.

Tulip Shalwar;

Shalwar’s have been trending for a while now and our favorite type of Shalwars are the Tulip shalwars, what other occasion would you wear a tulip shalwar other than Eid? 13405239_10154194781300350_210249754_o13389269_10154094676371183_229004264_oRemaluxe has by far bought the best tulip shalwar in the market and its this elegant white embroidered tulip shalwar which was even worn by the beautiful Mawra Hocane.

Outfits are always incomplete without some matching accessories and a good pair of earrings are the perfect accessories for Eid.13396634_10154094679806183_1564914197_o13383903_10154094676871183_1895153519_o13340638_10154094677766183_574388121_oOuthouse has literally outdone themselves and just like Sonam Kapoor and Mahira Khan even we’re in love with their earrings, rings and necklaces.

We need something to put the $$$ we get on Eid, don’t we?





Nina Neri


Kulus is acing the gem encrusted bag trend and Nina Neri seems to be working hard providing us with high-end genuine leather handbags and we’re loving both of them.

We all go crazy looking for the perfect pair of khussas as soon as summers start so i’ve also got the khussa search covered for you guys
12963712_974448319299547_8647348950194355931_n13165848_985950904815955_9170927675315335281_n13389032_10154094684101183_1001561005_oIt isn’t only us, even Syra Shahroze seems to be loving these intricately beaded khussas by SomaJooti Shooti never fails to come up with new designs for the trending truck art khussas which we all seem to love.

Mehndi & Bangles:
Do not forget to beautify your hands and arms with bangles and mehndi guys, everyone loves a little traditional henna and bangles on Eid.13389298_10154194738045350_1876844797_o13383570_10154194889370350_798290215_oI hope this post was helpful, comment below and let us know what are your favorite picks for this Eid 🙂
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6 thoughts on “Things you need this Eid!

  1. Dear miloattique, i appriciate your work. Your research will be very helpful for me as a male to easily find some good things for my loved ones. Now i can save my time. Thankyou for this post.


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