Duvi Stockholm Products

Hey, guys!

I hope you like the new layout of the website, we all love a little change, don’t we? Talking about change, I just changed my skin care products last month and my skin has never felt better.

I never review skin care products until I’ve used them and I’m sure about my opinion on them therefore it took me more than a month to review these Duvi Stockholm products.


I’ll start with my favorite product out of these two and that has to be the Green Tea Facewash!

Duvi Green Tea Face Wash – Rs 1150/-


I’ve had some horrible experiences with face washes and I was quite near to believing that face washes and I would never get along until I came across this Duvi Green Tea Face Wash. It’s for all skin types and includes Aloe Vera extracts, it LITERALLY removes all the dirt, MAKEUP and impurities from your face without drying your skin. It actually does reduce the severity of breakouts, trust me on this one, my skin hasn’t gone all wild ever since I’ve been using this little white 150 ml bottle which is enriched with natural ingredients.

Duvi Vitamin Toner – Rs 1300/-

The Duvi Vitamin Toner removes all the left over makeup and impurities from your face that your face wash fails to remove and returns your skins bright complexion that is hidden behind all the dirt, tiredness and impurities of your skin. The Vitamin Toner consists of Organic Apple extracts from French Provence,  Vitamin C,B1,B2,PP,B5,B6,B9, Provitamin A and Vitamin E. For better results a toner is always to be used after cleansing your skin, it is to be applied on a cotton pad and swept gently on the face and neck, make sure to avoid the areas around your eyes.

The soft towel with the products I received was like a cherry on top and the results of the products were so impressive that I ended up ordering their White Daisy Skin Brightening Cream and I’m loving it.

You can order Duvi’s products from Daraz.pk or their website Duvi.com & you can follow them on Instagram.

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