Sinfully Sweet!

I recently came across these Jars filled with deliciousness by the name Sinfully Sweet and I wanted to share it with you guys!
I tried two of their jars;
The packaging is as adorable as the name, love how the mousseĀ is in plastic jars to make sureĀ it can be kept frozen easily.

I’ll start with the ‘Mutella’ one as it was my favorite, it’s basically Nutella mousse with a chocolate cake base and it tastes amazzzzzzingg. The mousse is super light and it has the perfect amount of sweetness to it, the one that doesn’t want you crave water or make you tooth ache.

I admit ‘Happy Layers’ wasn’t as tasty as ‘Mutella’ but I loved how they layered Ferrero Rochers, White Chocolate Cookie & Cream, Dairy Milk pudding and Chocoate fluff cake together in one little jar, the only turn off was the chocolate cake as it was a little dry. I did end up finishing this jar too though, hehe.

They have a lot of flavors for you to choose from , being a chocolate junkie I only choose the flavors which had lots of chocolatey stuff init, you can choose whatever flavor you like the best.

Each jar costs 550 and its available at
-SHAHEEN CHEMIST, Bahria Phase 4, Rawalpindi
-SHAHEEN CHEMIST, Bhittani Plaza, Peshawar

so you can easily avail this sinfully sweet jar of deliciousness.

For further details you can contact them on Facebook.

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