Pure & Organic Skin Care Products!

Hi, my angels!

As you can all see I’m all about skincare these days and it’s all because I’m finally realizing the importance of clear skin. Guys, I can’t emphasis enough on the importance of skincare, flawless looking skin is actually the root to looking fresh whether it’s with or without makeup so without wasting more of your time I’ll just skip to these Dr. Kureshi products that I can’t help myself from using these days!


I know we all hesitate while using local skincare product specially when they aren’t that we’ll known, I know I do and that is why basically I didn’t touch these products for like 2 days thinking I’d ruin my skin but I was completely shocked when I tried these products.
I’ll be honest and only review about the 3 products I’ve used and they’re the luxurious face oil, Intensive hair oil & the ultimate cleansing toner.


These products are for all skin and hair types and are also 100% pure and Organic.
I’ll start from my favorite product which is the Luxurious Face oil.

Luxurious Face Oil – Rs 1499/-

It comes in a 30ml dropper bottle which makes the appliance easy and less messy. It’s a mixture of eleven essential oils including almond, jasmine and anti ageing argon. The purpose of the oil is to hydrate and moisturize your skin without leaving any greasy residue on your face. I know, I know thinking about oil and non greasy-ness kind of doesn’t go along but that is what I LOVE about this oil, it actually doesn’t feel greasy or sticky when you apply it which is like a plus point in these summers. Take two to three drops of the oil and massage it onto your skin and let it stay and do its magic over night. You’ll definitely feel the difference in your skin after a couple of days, it’ll be much more soft, moisturized and hydrated.

Intensive Hair Oil – Rs 1399/-


The intensive hair oil comes in a 100ml spray bottle and the SPRAY bottle once again makes the appliance super easy and less messy. It’s the perfect solution for damaged hair as it brings the moisture back in your hair and helps with removing dandruff. Apply a little amount of it on your hair for about an hour before you take a bath and rinse with lukewarm water. Also, don’t worry, even this oil is non greasy!

Ultimate Cleansing Toner – Rs 500/-


The ultimate cleansing toner comes in a 120 ml spray bottle and it helps in cleansing and toning your skin and brings back it’s radiance. You can apply it after you’ve washed or cleansed your face with the help of a cotton pad and as all other toners it’ll help you take off the last bit of dirt and makeup from your skin and bring back your skins radiance and natural beauty.

I’ll be reviewing the rest of the products real soon so keep checking guys!

Keeping all of these products aside the most important thing for your skin is water, drink as much water as you can specially when you wake up and you’ll feel the difference in your skin yourself.

Also let me know if you want me to share my entire skin care routine with you guys, you can either comment below or on our latest Instagram post.

You can order these products online from Dr. Kureshi and follow them on Facebook & Intsagram.

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