How to get rid of Summer tan 🌝

Hi guys,
A lot of you have read this post before I failed with technology and ended up deleting it. So, basically here’s my second attempt at writing this post.

I guess I began with us all being blessed with a holy tan thanks to the hot summer. We all tend to get a little moody, aggressive and DARKER in summers and I; being just a 20 year old student can’t help you with your mood swings but i sure can try helping you out with your skin.

Recently, I came across this AMAZING diy, I’m calling it amazing because you’ll actually see its results after the very first try and also because its super easy and cheap.
All you’ll need is;
Brown Sugar
Coconut Oil
Rose water (optional)
A little patience because the paste might get a little sticky.

The process is as easy as it is to find these ingredients at your home, you just have to mix them all together and apply them to your face, hands, feet wherever you want. What I like to do is that I mix the brown sugar with a few drops of coconut oil and rosewater and just cut the lemon in half and dip it in the ingredients I’ve mixed, that way I get a brush to apply the paste and I find it easier to scrub. ( Somewhat like in this picture below)

Apply the paste on your hands/face and scrub for a good 10 mins and then rinse it with lukewarm water, you can do this twice a week for better results.

The logical reason behind why this diy works is because;
Lemon consists of a rich bleaching agent which helps lighten your skin.
Brown Sugar acts as an exfoliator and gently sloughs off all the dead cells from your skin
Rose water helps in hydrating your skin and helps regenerate skin tissues.
Coconut Oil acts as a moisturizer in this paste and soothes your skin.

I hope you liked this diy and I hope that I wont end up deleting more posts in the future, Amen to that!

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