Lilash & Librow Review

Hey, guys!

Sorry for not posting lately, I was busy with exams and university life and we all know what a pain that it, but now as I’m done with my examinations you’ll be getting to read a lot of fun, fashionable and informative blog posts.

As I’m back now I decided to post about the products that mean the most to me and they’re these lash and eyebrow serums, we’re all aware of how the eyebrows being on point trend is a huge thing all over the internet so I’ve found products that will bring your eyebrows and eyelash game back on point without applying any falsies, makeup or mascara.


I’m literally a sucker for good eyelashes because according to me they change your look completely and make you look 10 times more attractive than you already are so I decided to try this Lilash serum instead of coating my eyelashes with mascara every single day or getting eyelash extensions.


The eyelash serum; Lilash comes in a liquid eyeliner container which makes its appliance quite easy as it is to be used on the eyelids only. It is very important to only use a little amount of the serum as our eyes are one of the most sensitive parts of our face and need to be taken special care of. The serum nourishes your eyelashes and reduces the chances of eyelash breakage and helps them grow. The eyelash serum is instructed to be used regularly for 12 weeks for ultimate results.



If you’re tired of filling your eyebrows every single day and want them to grow so you can get the perfect brow shape and ace your brow game then this Librow serum is all you need. It completes your look with boldly arched and tapered brows. The procedure of applying the brow serum is quite similar to the eyelash serum as you just have to apply it on your eyebrows with the help of the thin brush applicator.

P.s The box comes with a pocket size mirror which can come handy while fixing your mirror or applying these serums, who knows 😉

You can easily order these products online at or follow them on Instagram to stay updated.

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