Top 5 underrated drugstore Blushes

Blushers are a total MUST HAVE when it comes to makeup, since they’re the ones that sculpt and enhance your face, and make it younger looking!

Today, I’ll be sharing with you the blushes I use to give my face a healthier look!

1. L’oreal Paris True Match Blush;


L’oreal Paris True Match Blush is my absolute favorite. I was never a fan of shimmery blushes but this 165 Rosy Cheeks blush gives such a smooth and blended look to your face, it literally makes your cheeks glow with the perfect touch of pink! It comes with a little brush for better appliance and has a tad bit of a creamy texture to it.

I’ve never really smelled blushes but for some odd reason, I smelled this one and it smells like a delicious candy!

2. Essence Blush up!12745955_10153910313700350_7215156883869683110_n-1

This multi color blush is literally my go to blush when I need a combined mixture of a little bit of orange and a little bit of pink on my cheeks. It gives a pretty smooth and matte look which looks quite natural. I use it in the shade 10 Heat Wave, as I love how I can go from a natural to an intense look by just applying less or more of it!

3. Body Shops Lip & Cheek Dome

Body Shop’s Crazy for Coral lip & cheek dome is the ultimate dome for a completely natural look and the plus thing about this one is that you can match it with your lips as well! It’s in a creamy form and literally glides on your skin. You don’t even need a brush for this one; you can apply it directly by rotating it on the middle of your cheek and then sliding it to the highest point of your cheek bone.

4. Luscious Powder Blush

Another of my favorite blushes! I use the luscious powder blush in 027 Coral Glow when I need an intense look and it always seems to do the work. It enhances and defines your face and doesn’t even cost much!

5. DmGm’s Cheek Blush


I use the DmGm uminous touch cheek blusher in 02 Bronze Pink & 07 Coral Passion. The bronze pink has a more of a shimmery feel to it compared to the coral passion one, as it is a little on the matte side. However, both of the blushes will highlight your cheeks and will leave a natural, flushed look!

I believe all of these blushes go with different occasions and all work great! Try them out for yourself and feel free to write to me for questions!


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