Hair Matters Product Review

Hi guys,

I’m here with good news for all those who are facing hair problems like hair fall, dry hair, rough hair and frizzy hair. Just like all of you my hair was pretty damaged due to styling them almost every day and the thing that saved my hair was this beautiful pink basket I received on  5th March.


In this little basket were two products which have been pretty much successful in bringing my hair game back on point.
12946803_10154050045140350_980696592_o (1)

So the first product we have here is the Hair Matters Healthy Hair Mask in a round container and the Hair Matters Ultimate Hair Treat Oil in a Cylindrical bottle.

Hair Matters Ultimate Hair Treat Oil | Rs 1000/-
Firstly, The Hair Matters Oil comes in a Pump bottle which makes its appliance quite easy and less messy because honestly this oil business always gets a little messy, secondly it does not SMELL BAD. Yes, it doesn’t smell bad so all you young teenagers can easily apply it on your hair and leave it for a good amount of time. I’ve used this hair oil for about 3-4 times now and my hair has gotten quite soft and healthy, love how its a mixture of a lot of oils and cures a lot of your hair problems.

Hair Matters Healthy Hair Mask | Rs 500/-

Okay, so I’ll be very honest when I first opened this container I thought that they only had dry mehndi init, no jokes, and was unsure about whether I should apply it or not but I finally did apply it and the results were exceptionally good. I mixed two tablespoons of the hair mask powder in two tablespoons of yogurt and a few drops of the hair oil like it said behind the container and then applied it to the roots of my hair and let it stay in for about an hour or two, my hair actually felt healthier and shinier after the wash. Its a mixture of 5 powdered herbs which cleanse your scalp and leave your hair dandruff free and fairly thick. The hair mask actually has a cool sensation to it so its a win win for the hot summers coming  ahead.

I would personally recommend you guys to try Hair matters products out as they’re quite effective, you can place your order through their Facebook & Instagram page.

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