Aura Revive Pomegranate Face Oil

Aura crafts sent me their ‘Revive Pomegranate Face Oil’ about 2 weeks ago and ever since then I’ve been using it and I must say that you should all try it out as it is a must have for your skin this winter season.
It comes in a 30ml dropper bottle which makes it pretty easy to apply without wasting any oil or creating a mess out it.

It is a mixture of Pomegranate and Apricot Oil which play a huge role in reviving your skins condition and moisturizing it.

I massage 3-4 drops of it on my face every night before going to sleep and I’ve definitely felt my skin being more hydrated than it was before, it has also lead to a reduction in fine lines on my face. It is a non sticky lightweight oil which makes it even more better!

I would totally recommend you guys to try this oil out specially if you’re looking for a natural cure for your ageing skin.
You can contact Aura Crafts on their page or on their Instagram Account

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