Cross Stitch Winter Collection ’15

Have you guys checked out Cross Stitch winter collection yet? If not then you’re surely missing out on all of these beautiful Cotton Satin prints!
We choose our favorite ones from their Winter’15 collection and trust me it was a very tough choice because all of the prints were so alluring!



Shoes- Outfitters.


Victorian Rooms; Printed Satin Shirt, Cotton Trouser. 3150/-

This 2 piece cotton satin suit immediately caught my eye with its royal print and vibrant colors, couldn’t resist myself and got it stitched in the same way it is in the magazine because the designing was so perfect!



Shoes- Vincci. Bag-Limelight.


Luxuriant Bloom; Printed Satin Shirt, Cotton Trouser. 3150/-

Our second pick was this luxuriant bloom and the reason behind this pick was the green and lime, absolutely beautiful, color combination. The material of the suit is so fine that you’ll definitely stand out while wearing any of these prints, I know I did!

They also have separate chiffon dupattas which you can match with your suits so you can also try them out.
Here are some of our other favorite ones from Cross Stitch Winter Collection!


You can also buy these prints online on Cross


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