Diy; perfect nail polish

Firstly, I would like to apologize for not posting anything for quite sometime now, I’ve been busy with exams and university. I believe you all know how tough university life is. I’ll be posting regularly pretty soon so for today I wanted to share this quick tip with you guys which I came across a couple of weeks ago.
Do you guys face the trouble of getting nail polish on the side of your nails while you’re applying it? If yes then here’s what you need to solve this horrible little problem;
You’ll need;
Cotton bud
And nail polish (obviously because this is a perfectly applying nail polish trick)

These items are pretty easy to find at home so there isn’t much hustle involved and the process is even easier. Before applying any nail polish just take a little bit of vaseline and apply it on the side of your nails and when you’re done with the nail polish just take a cotton swab and clean the excessive nail polish from the sides. Tadaaaaa! It’ll come off pretty easily and you’ll have the perfect, neat and clean nail polish on your nails as the one you get from your favorite nail salon! 🙂


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