How to design your outfit around #shoes

If you’re a regular reader then you’re surely aware of how much I love the color white so for today’s post I choose to design my outfit around these super cool white loafers that I simply adore!


White loafers from Shoe planet.

Jeans – Stoneage
Shirt – Outfitters golden age collection.
Shoes – Shoe Planet
Belt – Zara

So for the first look I paired these white loafers with a grey and lime combination. It’s a very casual look and can be worn to uni or any day time function. P.s ignore the water bottle!

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Pink blazer – Atmosphere
Jeans – Stone age
Shoes – Shoe Planet
Necklace – Forever 21
Ear cuff – Aldo

For the second look I again went for a casual look with blue faded jeans, a white knitted sweater and a chic pink blazer. I like my jeans rolled up a little and I always seem to be playing with my clothes so here are different ways to carry this blazer.

Don’t forget to checkout Shoe planets collection out on Facebook & Instagram!

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