Conatural Product Review.

Conatural was kind enough to send us some of their products and after using them for about 3 weeks here are our reviews about these products. The first thing that I noticed was the packaging and I absolutely loved it, its good to see that us Pakistani’s are improving our quality of goods as these products are 100% organic!


Saffron Complexion Builder

So, the first product is this Saffron Complexion Builder face gel which contains pure saffron and Indian madder and is extremely effective. It helps in brightening and firming your skin,  it is all you need for a healthy glow on your face! It is in a thick gel form,more like a jelly, it is to be applied on a cleansed face and the usage at the back recommends you to leave it on the skin during the day but as I never get time during the day I let this gel stay on my face over night. You definitely feel a tightening sensation on your face as soon as you apply it and it seems to fade away after some time. Rs/- 1450


Restorative Eye Gel

The second product is this Restorative eye gel for dark circles and puffy eyes, I don’t have puffy eyes but I sure have been cursed with horrible dark circles so this product is all I ever wanted! This gel contains Indian Madder and Aloe Vera and has a little slimy texture which doesn’t dry that easily. I used this for about 3 weeks and I definitely saw my dark circles being minimized. The bottle has a pump attached to it which helps in getting the right amount of gel out of the bottle! Rs/- 950


Organic Honey and Oatmeal Cleansing Bar

The third and the last product is this Honey and Oatmeal cleansing bar which contains Jojoba oil, honey, oatmeal and Lavender oil. I’m not a huge fan of soaps but this organic soap totally blew me away and made me get over the overly priced facewashes that we all tend to love. It is perfect for daily use and it leaves your skin as soft as ever. Rs/- 350

Now I would like to answer the question I often get, ‘Are Conatural products worth spending money on?’ Yes, they’re, atleast these 3 prodcuts that I have used are worth it.

For orders you can either contact them on Facebook-Conatural or Instagram-Conatural

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