DIY for Thicker, Fuller & Longer Eye-lashes

I think we all love beautiful eyelashes, I mean, I know that I do! So, here are a couple of easy ways to make your eyelashes look fuller and thicker.
– The best way to get naturally fuller eyelashes is to apply Caster Oil on your lashes overnight, trust me, it does wonders! You’ll see the difference in just a couple of weeks and you’ll definitely thank me for this one! Caster oil sometimes tends to irritate your eyes when it gets in them so to be on the safe side get a clean mascara container and fill it with caster oil and apply it like you apply your mascara!
– Vaseline does the same work for your lashes as caster oil, it conditions them and helps them grow. So just take a clean empty mascara wand and apply Vaseline on your eyelashes with the help of it.
Other than these two ways you can actually make your eyelashes LOOK thicker by applying your mascara these ways;
1) Always zig zaq your mascara wand while applying mascara so the mascara gets applied everywhere and also turns the lashes. Also, coating your mascara always helps!
2) Apply a little coat of baby powder on your lashes after your first coat of mascara and then apply another coat and brush your lashes out!
3) You can also brush your lashes with cotton after your first coat or mascara with a hard eyebrow brush (Yes, it does make a difference, I saw Rcl beauty doing this in one of her videos and I tried it and it actually did make a difference)
4) You can also give an illusion of having fuller eyelashes by applying liner on your inner lash line and then applying mascara, it covers up places where you don’t have enough lashes and makes your lashes look full.
I hope you guys try these tricks and they make a difference! 🙂

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